Op-Ed: Our Culture Should Stop Erasing Femininity


In 2020, it has become common to listen to people introduce themselves with their pronouns, to hear of tampon dispensers in men’s bathrooms and to observe biological men competing against women in sports.

Laws are being passed around the nation which prohibit public schools from teaching children there are gender norms. Our culture tells young Americans there are no differences between the genders and that men and women are labels undeserving of differentiation.

Fact Check: False.

Scientists at Stanford University’s school of medicine have explained that the data differentiating men’s and women’s brains is too significant to ignore.

For one, men typically have superior visuospatial skills in two or three dimensions, while women are better verbal communicators, on average.

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Men, generally speaking, have more muscle mass than women and women have slower metabolisms, allowing their bodies to be well equipped to carry and give birth to children.

Anyone who has graduated beyond high school biology knows the truth of men being born with XY chromosomes, while women are born with XX.

Scientifically, there are fundamental differences between genders. None of these facts, or the many others differentiating men and women, have ever been disputed by the scientific community or were ever societally controversial, until now.

Left-wing activists and gender studies departments at colleges and universities have successfully begun to erase the concept of two beautifully unique genders.

Do you think American culture has abandoned the idea of the two genders being equal and unique?

They have been replaced with a sea of ambiguous identities and pronouns. Under the guise of equality, an entire gender and the full concept of femininity is being erased.

We used to celebrate the differences between men and women but now have culturally decided that womanhood is no longer something worth celebrating.

Historically, American women fought for true equality — to have the same opportunities as men and the freedom to make their own choices.

It was only 100 years ago that women were given the right to vote in the United States, a centennial that women surely will be celebrating this year.

In 1900, only 6 percent of married women worked outside the home, whereas women make up 47 percent of the workforce today. Policies prohibiting equal pay or treatment in the workplace have been institutionally decimated. Women are even serving in the military in greater numbers than ever before.

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Thanks to those who marched before us, who fought for systematic changes in law and policy, and who knew the power of the female voice, true equality under the law has become reality in the United States for women.

But here’s the truth about our differences: Women were not made to do everything men can do. They were built to do everything men can’t. Pretending there’s a lack of differences between the genders does a disservice to the true empowerment of women, who find strength in their own unique way.

My biology has everything to do with my femininity — I am a strong woman and proud of it. The capability to bring life into this world and to realize my own dreams while wearing high heels are not attributes of a young man in America, and that’s okay. I don’t need to be the same as the men in my life; all I need to be is myself.

The gender nonconforming, nonbinary movement that has taken root among American millennials and Gen Zers is not advancing true equality between the genders, nor is it empowering to women.

All Americans are deserving of compassion and respect, simply due to our status as human beings worthy of being treated with dignity. However, when the political-correctness-police-force women to have to compete with biological men in areas of female empowerment, we see a degradation of the progress women have been able to make towards equality throughout our nation’s history. We see an erasure of the power of femininity.

Here’s the truth: People don’t get their period, but women do. People don’t give birth to children, but women do. Not all people are women — but women are!

Our culture is diluting womanhood and femininity to accommodate the feelings of the radical left, and I’m tired of seeing the many beautiful aspects of my gender erased because of them.

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Isabel Brown is a graduate student at Georgetown University pursuing her master’s degree in biomedical sciences policy and advocacy. You can follow her on social media @theisabelbrown (Instagram/Facebook) and @theisabelb (Twitter).
Isabel Brown is a recent college graduate from Colorado who endured years of leftist indoctrination on her college campus and is now pursuing her master’s degree at Georgetown University in biomedical sciences policy and advocacy. After serving as a Turning Point USA chapter founder and president for two years at Colorado State University, Isabel recently became a Turning Point USA contributor to continue sharing the powerful message of the organization. In addition to the content she produces for PragerU, Isabel independently produces and hosts On The Front Lines, a video series highlighting the adversity college students experience due to their conservative beliefs. Isabel is also a former U.S. Senate and White House intern. You can follow her on social media @theisabelbrown (Instagram/Facebook) and @theisabelb (Twitter).