Op-Ed: Don't Trust the 'Gen Z GOP' - It's a RINO Club Built by and for Anti-Trumpers


With the 2020 election heating up, anti-Trump “Republicans” are doing their best to elect a Democrat.

From the Lincoln Project to 43 Alumni for Biden, we have seen NeverTrump attention-seeking manifest itself time and time again. Now, there is another cook in the kitchen: The adolescent “Gen Z GOP.”

Recently birthed by Massachusetts millennials on Twitter, Gen Z GOP is headed up by four self-proclaimed moderates: Mike Brodo, Ryan Doucette, Sam Garber and John Olds.

In their words: “The GOP under Trump has lost sight of its values, has failed to engage in productive discourse, and continually neglects policies in the best interests of our country and generation.”

And so they are capitalizing on this purportedly “shared feeling” to court young Republicans with a new message.

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How the Gen Zers came to such a conclusion — that anti-Trumpism is shared among most Republicans — is unclear. Over 90 percent of Republicans approve of President Trump.

As a proud Gen Z Republican who financially put himself through a community college and public university (unlike Gen Z GOP’s founders), I am certainly no anti-Trumper. In fact, I am working daily to help re-elect President Trump, on behalf of the Committee to Defend the President. Casting aspersions about entire demographic groups is disingenuous and counterproductive.

Let’s be clear: Groups like Gen Z GOP are made up of “Republicans in Name Only,” if not closet Democrats.

According to the group’s new advertisement, which features notable RINOs like Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, its top priorities are combating climate change, speaking out against “injustice and inequality” and other liberal agenda items. By embracing the Black Lives Matter platform, Gen Z GOP claims to “reject the politics of hate and division,” advocating for LGBTQ+ people and immigrants alike.

Do you think groups like this one are nothing more than Democratic operations?

In other words, the group is a new spin on the Democratic National Committee.

We don’t need Democrats masquerading as Republicans to fix the American political system. Real Republicans don’t need RINOs suggesting that those who dare to support President Trump are racist, guided by “hate and division.”

It is reductive and utterly wrong.

Under the Trump administration, African-American unemployment dropped to an all-time low. President Trump is the one who signed criminal justice reform into law, not President Obama or President Bush before him. President Trump also supported South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act, which would have addressed police brutality without jeopardizing law and order.

Yet Democrats like Sen. Kamala Harris of California opposed the bill before it was even finalized.

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The problem facing minority communities isn’t the Republican Party; it is a Democratic Party playing political games to obstruct reform. Democrats and their NeverTrump allies are so obsessed with undermining the Trump administration that they are willing to sacrifice positive change for it.

Perhaps anti-Trumpers shouldn’t throw stones in glass houses.

For all of the group’s virtue signaling, Gen Z GOP does not actually have any minorities or women in its leadership ranks. The group is led by four white males, three of whom attend private colleges and one of whom is in high school, so they carry deeper pockets than most.

They have not even assembled a coalition of today’s youth (beyond themselves), again failing to demonstrate exactly how anti-Trumpism is a “shared feeling” among Republicans.

In 2016, President Trump won because he effectively communicated to the forgotten men and women across our nation. Since then, he has governed like a true Republican — from building the wall to enacting tax reform and appointing dozens of conservative judges. In the meantime, he has unified the Republican Party, the overwhelming majority of which now supports his re-election.

For good reason: President Trump deserves to be re-elected.

I’ll leave the age-obsessed founders of Gen Z GOP with one message from another Republican president, Ronald Reagan. In the Gipper’s words: “I want you to know that also I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.”

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