Op-Ed: Freedom According to the Left - It’s Either Me or We Burn Everything


Ogden Nash once wrote, “You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely.” The left looks more and more like a troubled teenager. Faced with the possibility of Trump attempting a quick succession to the Supreme Court after Ginsburg’s death, leftists have responded on social media by threatening to set the streets on fire in retaliation.

You know, burning containers, looting businesses, throwing bricks at the police and killing Trump sympathizers without removing their KN95 masks. It doesn’t surprise me either. It would be weird if they reacted by threatening to read the complete works of Edmund Burke and attend mass.

Breaking things is, after all, a powerful argument. Almost all immature people do it: If you’re a baby and you want to try it out, grab daddy’s phone, hold it out the window and threaten to drop it, and you’ll see how quickly you can get anything you want without having to make sensible demands.

It’s the magic of coercion: either sweets and chocolate at any time of the day or a smashed cell phone on the sidewalk. But I’m not sure if it works as an electoral argument between adults, and in no way am I implying that Joe Biden is it.

Shy voices say we are becoming too polarized.

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There’s usually not much to discuss with a guy setting a dumpster on fire, unless you want to exchange your thoughts on which brand of gasoline ignites faster.

But even if the Biden-Harris duo is comfortable with this violent game, where they just smile and apologize to the street terrorists, some voters may be bothered by this addiction to blackmail that Democrats have been affiliated with since the start of the campaign.

“Us or chaos” is a revolutionary and moving proclamation until you discover that the chaos consists of someone smashing your car with machetes on your own street as part of a performance against the filling the vacant seat of the deceased Ginsburg.

Even Biden, whose intellectual acuity could not stand a comparison to that of a sack of wet sawdust, realized a few weeks ago that promoting antifa violence could prove to be a double-edged sword.

Do you think the left's opposition to President Trump and his supporters is immature?

So while it wasn’t exactly a condemnation of violence, he said something about it — something that was useless because nobody understood what he meant.

His teleprompter was probably malfunctioning that day. And I don’t blame him. It is much worse when he’s understood.

After all, threats to paralyze a country with unrest are effective in the short term because they create fear, but in the long run, people wonder if it makes sense to continue paying taxes while anyone can destroy your business with impunity as part of a protest on some matter that worries CNN hosts a lot: sex-change operations between transsexual rabbits living in captivity with a white family, and things of this nature.

It is true that violence can cause the masses to act one way or another, but it will seldom make them change their minds, perhaps because man, unlike animals, has a quality that exasperates Democrats, which is freedom. Although free thinking is getting more and more costly.

People on the right are harassed if they vote for Trump, harassed if they argue for filling Ginsburg’s spot on the Supreme Court, harassed if they do not support the demands of BLM and its violent followers, harassed if they do not approve of the crazed language of gender ideology, harassed if they defend the doctrines of Christian morality and harassed if they demand that the cities of a democratic country continue to be governed by the old national pact of law and order.

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Maybe it’s time for Biden-Harris to take note — if they really have any concerns about discrimination — because here you have the most savagely harassed minority in America in recent years: right-wing voters.

Is there anyone more despised, insulted and mistreated in the world than a Trump supporter? Maybe, and I’m not certain, a serial killer with more than three hundred corpses behind him. But even in that case I don’t think he is as vilified as the right-wing voter by left-wing media editorialists.

Betting everything on violence is an intellectual option of the progressive tradition, without a doubt. Mao could explain a few things to you about it. Also, it was the left that installed a guillotine at the door of the White House and I don’t think it was to give Trump a hipster haircut.

After all, violence is the stance of the Democrats on abortion: The child must die — end of debate.

But it is hard to think that a people as freedom-loving as the American people is going to bow to the umpteenth blackmail of the radicals. Beyond the debate over the replacement in the Supreme Court, Trump will not back down on whatever he decides to do just because hitmen on the far left have threatened to burn the streets.

Moreover, perhaps that is an incentive to drive the process. And in any case, it will be the most pedagogical response to this increasingly less democratic leftists. Children sometimes learn that way.

If you frame the ideological life of a country as “either us or war,” you must accept that something terrible and unexpected is going to happen, something deeply fascist and unpleasant, something most likely corrupt according to your precepts, something really unforeseen and entertaining: that people decide not to vote for the blackmailers who market peace in the streets.

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