Op-Ed: Why Do So Many Jews Support the Democratic Party? The Reality Might Surprise You


“Why do so many Jews support the Democratic Party?”

As an American-Israeli, a religious and traditional Jew, and an outspoken supporter of Donald J. Trump, this is a question that is frequently posed to me by my conservative friends who are not of the Jewish persuasion. As can be expected, the answer is complex and multi-faceted.

There is a trend in American politics that is not exclusive to American Jews. Many people who are more centrist in their politics are finding it increasingly difficult to align themselves with Democratic politicians who are becoming ever more radical in their leftist agenda.

Similarly, many ethnic minorities previously joined liberal movements amidst a flurry of insincere political marketing portraying the Democratic Party as a bastion of tolerance and a refuge against racism. But talk is cheap. Eventually, empty promises and condescending pandering began to push American minorities toward the unmistakable message of former President Donald J. Trump: Let’s all come together as Americans, work hard and make America great again.

Accordingly, despite a vicious onslaught by the legacy media to slanderously portray the 45th president as an Islamophobic racist, the 2020 exit polls indicated that every major ethnic minority made a significant shift away from the Democratic Party and toward Trump and conservatism.

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With such off-the-cuff comments as Joe Biden declaring, “If you don’t vote for me, then you ain’t black,” it became clear to many that modern Democrats care about little more than retaining the votes of ethnic minorities with one empty promise after another. Portions of the American Jewish community followed a similar trend of dissatisfaction.

The modern American Jewish community is in a state of division, disarray and even crisis — and the core of the matter is spiritual rather than political. As Rush Limbaugh astutely pointed out, liberalism is not a political movement anymore — it has become a religion of intensely irrational neo-secular humanism.

In decades past, much of the American Jewish community felt that liberalism aligned with — or at least could be reconciled with — the Jewish identity. But as modern liberalism becomes increasingly radical and totalitarian, the Jews of America are faced with a dilemma.

Do we choose to be loyal to the Almighty Creator and his commandments recorded in the Torah? Do we maintain our religion, our heritage and our community, being quality, patriotic citizens of the nation in which we reside while having a strong connection to the land of Israel? Or do we bow down and serve the leftist political machine, which greedily fuels itself with the human sacrifices of the unborn and gleefully ordains drag queens as its high priestesses?

Do you think American Jews are abandoning the Democratic Party?

What do we as American Jews do when the liberal system promotes actions, policies, ideologies and lifestyles that are wholly incompatible with the precepts of the Torah and Jewish religious guidelines called halacha?

While unfortunately it seems that much of the American Jewish community is staunchly adhering to liberalism despite its radicalization, many American Jews are making the right choice — significantly more than the legacy media would have you believe.

Don’t be misled; the polls on Jewish political support are often conducted by liberal Jewish organizations like JStreet, a radical left-wing Jewish PAC that has supported candidates like Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and even Rashida Tlaib. Thus, these polls analyzing Jewish political views are often considered wholly unreliable and even laughable propaganda amongst American Jews.

While JStreet wants to assure us that American Jewish support for Democratic candidates and especially Biden is hovering comfortably at 70 percent or much higher, many Jews are highly dubious of these claims and suspect that the real numbers are dramatically lower than that.

Indeed, the exodus of American Jews from the Democratic Party is now defined by the hashtag #JEXIT and encouraged by Jexit USA, an organization supported by Israeli-American reality television star Siggy Flicker.

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For many American Jews, the break with the Democratic Party began in 2009. It turned out that Barack Hussein Obama as president was not particularly benevolent to the state of Israel. (Big shocker there…) The malice towards the Jewish state shown by Obama and many of his Democratic allies struck at one of the core elements of the Jewish identity — support for Israel.

As Obama delayed weapons shipments to Israel at crucial times and sparred with then-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the looming existential threat of Iran, many Jewish Americans drifted away from the Democratic Party. And as liberalism became outspokenly hostile to biblical teachings and even to the Almighty Creator himself, religious and traditional Jews were increasingly appalled.

With that context in mind, we can understand where Jewish political loyalties in America lie.

In short, the clear majority of American Jews who seek to have a connection with the Most High and who hold the Torah as an authoritative guide for living, commonly called Orthodox or “Torah-observant” Jews, are strong supporters of Trump and usually vote along conservative to centrist lines. Similarly, American Jews who are truly concerned about the welfare of Israel — both religious and otherwise — are generally pro-Trump as well.

In contrast, the American Jews who are stubbornly clinging to the sinking ship of the Democratic Party have tragically abandoned their traditional Jewish identity in exchange for the fanatical religion of liberalism.

The canonical teachings of liberalism now demand without exception that its Jewish members ignore biblical commandments and decry their brothers and sisters living in our ancient homeland of Israel as colonizing villains and war criminals. And for most, the sad choice to submit and comply was made by these liberal Jews long before Trump first announced his intention to run for president.

Trump noted in August 2019 that he was dismayed by American Jewish support for the Democratic Party despite its open hostility towards Israel.

“Where has the Democratic Party gone? Where have they gone where they are defending [Omar and Tlaib] over the state of Israel?  I think any Jewish people that vote for a Democrat, I think it shows either a total lack of knowledge or great disloyalty.”

Liberal American Jews seethed with fury, screaming that Trump was spewing medieval anti-Semitic tropes. In reality, Trump’s statement was a painfully accurate assessment of the nuances of the American Jewish community and political dynamics.

These Jews who sacrificed their ancient heritage and traditional identity to the idolatrous gods of liberalism presumably know better than anyone just how true and deserved Trump’s stinging rebuke really is.

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Ben Kerido is an American-Israeli special forces operator and former U.S. Department of Defense contractor focusing on psychological warfare training and now serving in the Israel Defense Force reserves. He and his wife Sarai live in Jerusalem and are writers for Intrepid Tower Publishing and hosts of the "From Israel with Love" podcast. They are also the authors of five books, including "The American Holocaust: Early Tomorrow Morning," an Orwell-style thriller and satirical parody of the American and Middle Eastern political and military arenas.