Op-Ed: Political Elites Are Trying to Win an Information War with Lies - The Solution Is Simple


You can’t turn on your TV or radio without hearing a lie issuing from the mouths of our political and corporate establishment, lies abetted by an elite media that has become a breeding ground for falsehood.

We’re not talking about the sort of spin we’re accustomed to hearing from politicians since the beginning of recorded time. In fact, sometimes, it’s hard not to think that American democracy is fundamentally about saying one thing to your constituents to get elected and then doing the opposite once at the Capitol to make sure you have the money to get re-elected.

But the mendacity filling the airwaves and our newspapers and websites today is of a different category. A category filled with ugly, harmful, intentional lies and reckless abandonment of truth.

Let’s start with the most blatant lie in Washington since it’s at the core of the current White House’s agenda — climate change.

Sure, the weather changes from day to day and from millennium to millennium, but there’s no evidence that humanity’s actions have much influence on it. And yet progressives continue to push an idea that their own leadership admits is a lie.

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Barack Obama was the mastermind of the Paris Climate Accords — if he were really worried about the oceans rising, he wouldn’t have bought million-dollar oceanfront properties in Massachusetts and Hawaii. While we’re at it, how did he get so rich that he’s able to buy those homes?

If the ruling class really believed in climate change, its leading lights wouldn’t be spending so much on fuel for private jets. And yet there’s White House climate czar John Kerry off on another trip to Europe or Asia to meet with like-minded colleagues who agree that mankind will have to stop farming if we want to save the planet.

Here’s another lie the ruling class stands behind — the trans agenda. Biology is a stubborn fact. There are two sexes, male and female.

When a Supreme Court justice says she can’t define a woman, it just means she doesn’t want to anger her pathological allies in the progressive movement, so she lies. The White House validated this pathology by giving a high-level job at the Department of Health and Human Services to a deranged pediatrician named Richard Levine who dresses in women’s clothes and demands the media call him “Rachel.”

In the Beltway Liars Hall of Fame, there’s an entire Russiagate wing, with Rep. Adam Schiff still promising he has more than circumstantial evidence that Donald Trump colluded with Russia. Schiff’s former counsel, Levi Strauss heir Daniel Goldman, is there too. The newly elected New York congressman lies from the House floor about FBI whistleblowers and patriot Kash Patel.

James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Susan Rice, Samantha Power — virtually every senior figure from the Obama administration lied to the media about Russiagate, even after they testified under oath that they’d seen no evidence of conspiracy, coordination or collusion between Trump and Russia.

Sitting at the very top rungs of American society is a cabal of professional pathological liars. They’re waging a vicious information warfare campaign of lies against us.

So how do we fight back? First, turn off your TV. Listen to those you trust. Recalibrate your truth detector by speaking with friends and family. Read Scripture and find your certain foothold in reality.

Now you’re ready — speak the truth and call out the liars. Write it on social media if you like — write your congressmen and senators. Sing our national anthem louder. Say our pledge of allegiance with more conviction.

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They can’t win an information war when all they have is lies, and We the People own the truth.

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