Op-Ed: It's Up to Red States to Push Back Against Tyranny - Here's What They Need to Do (Part 1)


As the left grows ever more radical, the Republican Party at the federal level remains as feckless as ever. It will fall to red states, therefore, to push back against the emerging socialist tyranny.

The absurd, hair-on-fire outrage regarding the modest election integrity law passed in Georgia in 2021 was an example of leftist ascendancy and dominance over the nation and our institutions. Not only does the left control the media, academia, Hollywood, professional sports and Big Tech, but add to the list the federal bureaucracy, Wall Street, the banks and corporate America, all of which now worship at the church of “wokeness.”

As dysfunctional and corrupt as it may be, it is the left that governs our institutions, culture and nation.

This came alongside the COVID fascism that paralyzed the nation, destroyed jobs and the economy, and attacked basic rights and civil liberties.

They robbed us of the right to send our children to school, maintain our businesses and jobs, or attend church — all of it, mind you, for a lie, for none of the COVID measures had any impact on the trajectory of the virus. COVID, indeed, gave the left the excuse it needed to clamp down on a passive people that has forgotten its legacy of liberty and independence.

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We recall the destruction of our cities by the Black Lives Matter movement and antifa in the summer of 2020, about which the federal government did nothing. We note the weaponization of our federal agencies, including the FBI, IRS and others. Our borders are open, criminals are set free, and the federal government will neither protect us nor deliver us. Rather, it is the federal government that most threatens us.

There are, however, 28 states where Republicans control both houses of the legislature, some overwhelmingly. Twenty-two of those states enjoy the trifecta that includes the governor’s office.

Given the failure of the Republican Party nationally and the domination of our institutions by the left, it falls to these solidly red states to defend the rule of law, our constitutional system and our pre-political, God-given, inalienable rights.

Do you live in a red state?

Here is a list of measures that red states should undertake to reclaim lost ground against the relentless power of the left and useless RINOs so that we may preserve our nation, our values and our way of life.

I would propose the following:

1. State legislatures shall call themselves into session at will, particularly when confronted with a tyrannical governor. Many state legislatures are part-time, something conservatives would generally approve of. But in the context of unrelenting COVID fascism and other manifestations of tyranny — including in red states by Republican governors — and encroachments by the federal government, it is paramount that this be amended.

2. The state shall limit executive orders for emergency powers by governors to a single event and for no more than 10 days. Extensions or further orders shall require legislative approval.

3. The state shall declare and uphold the right of its citizens to freely assemble, worship (both in churches and homes), engage in free speech, walk and breathe without encumbrance such as the wearing of masks, and engage in commerce.

4. The state shall limit school closures to 10 days. Further extensions shall require legislative approval.

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5. The state shall end all mask and vaccine mandates. It shall declare vaccination passports illegal, including when imposed by the federal government, corporations, local governments and boards, or other entities. When the state ends mask mandates, it shall render it illegal for individual counties, cities and towns to continue such mandates or pass their own.

6. The state shall abolish all universal powers of health departments at the state and county level. It shall be illegal for state and county health departments or directors to issue sweeping mandates, force schools or businesses to close, require the wearing of masks or other physical encumbrances, impose quarantines, or ban gatherings.

Health directors are not mini-dictators. They are paid employees of the county and state, serve at the pleasure of the public and its elected representatives, and are readily terminated at the discretion of the state and county and their elected officers.

7. The state shall scrutinize all federal executive orders, regulations and laws. Any of them deemed unlawful and unconstitutional shall be declared null and void.

8. The state shall declare itself a sanctuary for the Constitution, particularly the First and Second Amendments. The state shall embrace freedom of assembly, worship, speech and the press, freedom to petition the government and freedom from unwarranted search and seizure. The state shall defend the right to bear arms.

9. The state shall refuse all so-called “asylum” or “refugee” cases and all such resettlement efforts, as virtually none of the “refugees” are refugees by any definition but rather economic migrants who entered the nation illegally. Asylum is intended for true victims of persecution, not those laboring under poverty or crime, which affects much of the world. They are not refugees and should not be accorded refugee status or resettled here.

10. The state shall refuse the resettlement of illegal aliens in general and shall not support them in any way — including with health care, other than emergency interventions — whether they declare themselves refugees or not. They will have no access to education, jobs or any public programs.

They will be prosecuted for trespassing, human and drug trafficking, illegal entry, rape, murder and any other crimes they may commit. They will be incentivized to return to their home countries or, when possible and necessary, deported. The state may send them to Democratic states that covet them.

Red states on our southern border shall prevent such individuals from entering or, failing that, deport them back to Mexico. Given the lawless behavior of the federal government in failing to enforce immigration law, defend our sovereignty, secure our border and protect Americans, the individual states shall themselves enforce the law and protect their borders, territory and citizens.

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