Op-Ed: After Ronna McDaniel's Victory, Grassroots Republicans Need to Remake the RNC


The unprecedented turmoil within our current political system is dire for the future of the conservative movement.

What the media is saying is not completely without merit. The reality of demographics and the new post-COVID election system are hurting the Republican Party’s viability on a nationwide scale.

The RINO establishment is content to let it happen, looking the other way as Democrats bring a flood of mail-in ballots and throwing their hands up as millions of illegal migrants pour over the border. They have no problem with the souls of the youth being destroyed by Marxist propaganda, with the murder of babies in the womb becoming a sacrament, and outright Satan worship becoming mainstream.

Last month, the Republican National Committee elites even succeeded in anointing failed Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel for an unprecedented fourth term, despite overwhelming grassroots opposition and a well-qualified alternative in Harmeet Dhillon. We cannot allow this to happen again.

The narrative that we accept our doom and take the scraps that the elites are willing to give us is wholly unacceptable. No matter how the deck is stacked against us, we have no option but to redouble our efforts behind MAGA and America First. The only alternative is national suicide.

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We must look to where we are having success — at the precinct level and in the grassroots. Because of the work of Daniel Schultz and the Precinct Project, amplified by voices such as Steve Bannon and TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk, there is now an army of local captains in positions of authority within the Republican Party.

It is now possible to do the long march through the last institution that has not been completely captured by the liberal globalists.

They want to demoralize us to keep us from unifying and building the foundation of a fully America First GOP. We can only succeed if we truly remake the RNC in the image of the party base, and we do this by changing the state chairs and national committee members.

We are seeing the fruits of our efforts already.

The New Hampshire Republican Party elected Trumpite Chris Ager as its chair after Trump came to the state to stump for him personally on a mandate to no longer appeal to “people in the middle” and to unabashedly embrace America First populism, instead of being “Democrat-lite.”

Do you support McDaniel?

Jeff DeWit, who served as chief operations officer for the Trump campaign in 2016 and then as chief financial officer of NASA starting in 2018, won the Arizona Republican Party chairmanship, boxing out the dying McCain faction of the party.

Former Michigan secretary of state candidate Kristina Karamo won the Michigan Republican Party chair position after beating the Trump-endorsed candidate, former attorney general candidate Matt DePerno, who voting delegates believed was not hard-core enough on the issue of election fraud.

Similar battles are underway in states like New York and Georgia.

In New York, MAGA favorite Michael Henry, who performed very well in his campaign for attorney general, is vying for the role of state party chair. Henry and New York gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin demonstrated the blueprint for how MAGA Republicans can run competitive campaigns in blue states in 2024.

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Former Georgia state Sen. Joshua McKoon, an ally of outgoing America First state party chair David Shafer, is the insurgent running against the RINO establishment who looked the other way on election fraud in 2020.

The grassroots is taking control, and if they can keep the petty differences to a minimum and focus on the goal of obtaining power and pushing America First, they will be unstoppable.

Remember that many of the Founding Fathers hated each other to the point of dueling each other to the death. However, they put aside their differences to come together and defeat the hated British before divvying up power in the new republic amongst themselves.

That is what we must do, and the new resolution and petitioning database from We the Precinct, Republicans for National Renewal’s grassroots leadership center, is focused on doing just that.

By creating template resolutions focusing on issues such as election integrity, justice for Jan. 6, economic nationalism, ending the deep state and assigning blame to failed RINO leadership, we can unite the grassroots, promote the truth and set the agenda from the bottom up at the local and state levels.

It was the left’s exemplary community organizing that transformed this country. We laughed when Barack Hussein Obama lauded himself as a community organizer, but he was the one laughing last as he used his background as a community organizer to turn America into a black supremacist, anti-white, gender-fluid, anti-Christian dystopia.

Now, we must copy their tactics and their proven blueprint to wage war against and overthrow their agenda. It must be done at the precinct level. There is no other way.

Time is of the essence. We must throw everything we have at the machine.

It begins by leveraging our grassroots army and harnessing our momentum to unleash hell on the uni-party system. This may not be enough, as the Founding Fathers’ resolutions and petitions of grievances were not enough to overthrow tyranny, but it will set the gears in motion. We will drag our weaker conservative allies into the conflict.

It starts with We the Precinct, and it ends with total victory.

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Mark Ivanyo is an attorney and the executive director of Republicans for National Renewal, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting national populism within Republican Party institutions.