Op-Ed: This Week Elites in Switzerland Set the Stage for a Cashless Society and 1 World Government


This week, two powerful globalist bodies are meeting to advance ideas and proposals that would place enormous authority in fewer hands on two key fronts that affect people worldwide.

A Massive Transfer of Health Care Power

From May 22 to 28, the World Health Assembly, with delegates from 194 nations, is gathering at the UN headquarters in Switzerland. Up for a vote is provisional agenda item 16.2, which was proposed by the White House and is backed by the EU and multiple nations.

The amendments in item 16.2 will vest the director-general of the World Health Organization with the sole authority to declare health care emergencies in any country worldwide and will force compliance with WHO’s mandates, even if they go against a nation’s objections.

The very definition of what constitutes a health crisis will rest entirely in WHO’s hands, as well as how a nation must respond. WHO’s authority will be backed by international law, making all its decisions legally binding and actionable.

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Currently, the rule is that WHO’s director-general must first consult with a nation’s governing authorities before taking any actions. The proposed amendments strike that requirement.

Ultimately, the amendments represent a worldwide transfer of health care power into the hands of a single globalist organization and the whims of its director-general.

A Shift Toward Government-Issued Digital Currencies

Should global power be centralized?

Also taking place in Switzerland this very same week — from May 22 to 26 — is the World Economic Forum’s annual summit. The WEF is a powerful globalist organization that promotes a global model of governing the world’s people.

The WEF has created a Digital Currency Governance Consortium, which strongly advocates for a cashless society that relies entirely on central bank digital currencies to carry out all financial transactions — that is, digital currencies issued and controlled solely by governments and central banks.

On its website, the WEF says there are more than 18,000 cryptocurrencies today. To streamline financial services worldwide, the WEF proclaims that “cryptocurrency regulation is imperative” and that “a globally coordinated approach to regulation is necessary.”

In simpler language, it’s saying governments and central banks should possess oversight and authority over all digital crypto transactions.

Ninety percent of the world’s central banks are now exploring government-issued digital currencies and how to make them a reality. China has already rolled out the digital yuan and banned the use of all other cryptocurrencies. The EU plans to have a digital euro by 2026, and the U.S. is exploring the creation of a digital dollar.

Key to making all this happen is assigning digital wallets to businesses and individuals and requiring them to use them for all their transactions.

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For CBDCs to become the sole means of carrying out all financial transactions would give governments and central banks full authority over where and how money is used. It would also give them the ability to open and close people’s digital wallets based on their compliance with government dictates — making financial control a powerful means of people control.

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