Op-Ed: What Would We Do?


Imagine if China kept attacking us because it believed we had no right to exist. What would we do?

No American in his right mind would deny our right to defend ourselves. Every sane American would understand we must confront the threat in order to survive.

Israel is attacking Hamas for that very reason. Hamas is only after one thing: the total destruction of Israel. Even after several devastating attacks, Hamas remains committed to the genocide of all Jews.

When asked, a Hamas leader said they would never stop attacking Israel. Even if Gaza were totally destroyed, he said they would rebuild in order to attack again. He sees Gaza as nothing more than a weapon of mass Jewish destruction.

The anti-Semitic left wants Israel to lie down and die. All of the posturing you see about cease-fires only fools Americans who are not paying attention.

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Does Israel have a right to exist?

Ask any radical leftist, “Does Israel have a right to exist?” If they are honest, they will say no. Since they are dishonest, they will say they want a “two-state solution.” But they know that is impossible as long as Hamas and Iran want Israel wiped out.

When The New York Times — to its everlasting shame — published an article by a Hamas leader, it naturally omitted the atrocities perpetrated upon Jews that led to the war. Not only that, but the Times ignored a glaring fact: The leader who wrote the article also wants every Jew dead.

In a story posted on Instagram Wednesday night, Democratic Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan called Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “genocidal maniac,” criticizing members of Congress who agree to meet with him, The Times of Israel reported.

How ironic is it that she uses the term “genocidal maniac” when she believes in the genocide of Jews?

Three university presidents were asked to admit that calling for the genocide of Jews is hate speech. None of them could. One was spared from being fired by Barack Obama. Because Obama also hates Israel.

Gentle reader, when you hear them chant, “From the river to the sea, Palestine shall be free,” what do you think that means? It means that Israel is gone. Obliterated. But, somehow, there are still people who have doubts.

What about all of the civilian causalities in Gaza? Remember how repeatedly Israel told the civilians to leave? Hamas made that necessary. There was no other way to eradicate the vast network of tunnels being used to terrorize Israel.

Who told the citizens to stay? Hamas did. Who made them human shields? Hamas did — by making sure to place their strongholds among civilians.

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There is only one side that we know deliberately targets civilian women and children.

What will it take? When we get it through our heads that it is not freedom they are after — it is the death of all Jews.

And no, Israel is not an occupier. The land was given to them, first by God, and then their right to exist as a nation was recognized by the United Nations in 1948. Resolution 181 was adopted by the UN General Assembly on Nov. 29, 1947, with 33 countries voting in favor, 13 against and 10 abstaining.

Is there corruption in the Israeli government? Yes, I am sure there is. But no more than in the American government. Are we calling for our own destruction?

I am also not blind to the attitude of some in Israel toward Christians. Nor am I ignorant of the moral condition of some Israelis. I agree with Paul when he said, “For they are not all Israel who are of Israel” (Romans 9:6).

I could tell you I wrote this because Genesis 12:3 says, “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” But that is not why I wrote this.

No, the larger issue here is Western civilization.

The radical left and Hamas are not just trying to destroy Israel. They are trying to destroy our way of life. And when I say “they,” I also mean China, Russia, North Korea and Iran.

Israel is the only nation in that entire region with freedom of speech, rights for women, and the rule of law. How can liberals not see that? If anything, the Middle East needs more nations like Israel.

We laughed when we saw that a group called “Queers for Palestine” supported Hamas. They had no idea that the very system they were defending would throw them off the roof of a building.

How could they be so ignorant?

Yet how are Americans who support Hamas any different? How are they any less ignorant? When you condone the destruction of Israel, you are condoning your own destruction.

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