'Painful to Watch': Biden Announces He Is Having Trouble Reading for Entire World to See


Not that the world wasn’t already aware, but President Joe Biden put his seemingly declining cognitive state on display Monday during a trip to Indonesia to meet with communist Chinese President Xi Jinping.

At a news conference on Monday in Bali on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit, the president had considerable trouble reading from a piece of paper that appeared to have his typical list of preapproved reporters he’s allowed to call on.

While that’s another debate entirely, Biden couldn’t manage to read some of what the piece of paper said.

And the international community had the pleasure of witnessing the nearly 80-year-old man, who already has run America off the tracks, struggle on the world stage. Again.

“Um — uh, I’m having trouble reading this,” the president said. “Reuters, Natandya Bo — Bose.”

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The reporter’s name is Nandita Bose, which the White House made clear in a correction to the official transcript of the president’s speech.

“Painful to watch,” The Daily Wire said as it shared the clip.

“Yeah, I feel totally safe with this guy in charge,” one Twitter user commented in response to Biden’s awkward senior moment.

Townhall posted a similar video clip on Twitter with a caption that read, “Reading is hard.”

“What’s so hard about reading, ‘The tanj about bose’?” another Twitter user replied, pointing out how badly the president butchered Bose’s name, which looks to be fairly simple to pronounce and nowhere near what he mumbled as he struggled to read from his list.

Countless other Twitter users mocked the clearly confused U.S. president, taking a jab at how he must look to other world leaders.

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Biden’s latest bout of utter confusion came on the heels of additional displays of gross incompetence during his stop at a United Nations climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, on Friday, where he spoke to hundreds of world leaders and their delegates.

A particularly cringeworthy moment came when the U.S. president completely botched an entire sentence regarding the “clean energy economy.”

“In fact, the International Energy Agency recently concluded that our significant climate investment will, quote, help turbo-charge the emer- β€” the ener- β€” the β€” excuse me β€” turbo-charge the emerging global clean enery β€” clean energy economy. I was reading their quote, sorry,” he said.

Biden’s supporters often accuse his critics of engaging in ageism or otherwise taking cheap shots at an elderly man. That’s simply not the case.

As the U.S. president, one should be able to communicate clearly and effectively while projecting strength and leadership in the process. Most recent presidents, Democrats and Republicans, shared that trait.

In viewing older video clips of Biden speaking, he was confident, strong and assertive in his speech. No joke, the man was sharp.

The point is that no reasonable person is making fun of the guy because he stutters, gets confused and mumbles nonsense — it eventually happens to most of us, if we live long enough. That’s life.

The problem is that we have a person living in that particular mental state as the leader of the free world, and make no mistake, America’s adversaries have undoubtedly taken notice.

There’s simply no calculating what kind of national security implications have arisen as a result of Biden’s current condition — and that should absolutely terrify us all.

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