Parents in Hot Water after Cops Find 'Stillborn' Baby Buried in Backyard of Home


Many couples plan for the birth of their first baby. When a pregnancy ends unexpectedly, it can lead to difficult decisions. One such tragedy struck a community and left them searching for answers.

It began with a simple Facebook post. A new mother after just giving birth wrote, “I gave birth last night to a beautiful little girl.”

But before the night would end, the post would turn dark.

Police were called to a scene in Riverside, Ohio, on a tip. What they discovered left the community heart-broken and the police trying to find answers.

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A baby was found buried in a family’s back yard. The parents of the child had a terrible story to tell them.

The mother had been surprised by the birth, but when the baby came into the world, she was stillborn.

Not knowing what to do, the parents decided to bury the child that they named Addalynn Marie George.

The tip came from a follower of the mother’s Facebook page. After the birth of little Addalynn, the post went on to add that the child had died.

Both of the parents expressed deep remorse and grief over the loss of their child, but criminal charges would still be investigated. Addalynn’s body was exhumed and taken for evaluation.

There was controversy over whether the child would be considered an infant or a fetus.

This could help to determine if poor Addalynn was stillborn or died after birth from a more sinister source.

Police had their hands full trying to piece together the evidence. Still, there were other infractions for which the parents could be charged.

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“Burying a corpse and a baby in the backyard” could be “a crime in itself,” said one investigator. But the event is a tragedy for all involved.

According to police who have combed the mother’s Facebook account, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of foul play.

This horrific incident, most likely, was a situation of two grieving parents not knowing what to do.

Hopefully, Addalynn will receive the proper burial that she deserves.

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