Parkland Survivor Has Had Enough... Destroys Peterson's Reputation With 2-Word Bombshell


The actions of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer Scot Peterson on the day of the deadly shooting rampage in Parkland, Florida, continue to be criticized.

Brandon Huff, a senior at the school, sat down with WVSN to discuss that fateful day. In the interview, he provided an eyewitness account of what Peterson was doing while students were being killed.

“She texted me, ‘There is a shooter in the room. I love you,’ so I freaked out,” Huff said, revealing that his girlfriend had texted him from the building that the shooting was occurring in. “I dropped everything in my hands.”

Huff ran toward the building, and upon his arrival he encountered Peterson.

And according to Huff, Peterson’s actions were the opposite of what he was trained to do in a crisis.

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“The school resource officer was behind a stairwell wall, just standing there, and he had his gun drawn, and he was just pointing it at the building,” Huff said, referring to Peterson. “And shots started going off inside, you could hear them over and over again.”

Huff then revealed that Peterson “was pointing his gun at nothing.”

“He was pointing his gun at just the building with kids in it, and he was just talking on the radio and he never did anything for four minutes,” Huff added.

The Stoneman Douglas senior recounted how heroic football coach Aaron Feis risked his life by entering the building and shielding students with his body — an act Peterson shied away from, even with a firearm and a bulletproof vest.

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“He’s the only one with the gun, he’s wearing a bulletproof vest, and you know, he has all that, school security guards — coaches, pretty much — were shielding kids … and losing their lives while he did nothing,” he said.

Huff was then asked what he would say to Peterson if offered the chance. The student didn’t hold back, noting that he believes Peterson to be “despicable.”

“You’re despicable. You didn’t do your job,” Huff responded. “You were trained for this. You were armed. You had a bulletproof vest. You were protected more than anyone else who died, who lost their lives, and you did nothing.”

Do you agree with Huff's sentiments?

“You froze. You got scared. You did nothing at all, and you could have saved a lot of lives.”

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As reported by The Western Journal, the Broward County Sheriff’s Office has been under intense scrutiny after it was discovered that Peterson refrained from entering the building throughout the course of the shooting. What’s more, additional sheriff’s deputies also allegedly waited outside before going in.

This isn’t the first time the department has been criticized for failing to act appropriately during a crisis.

A 99-page report drafted by department officials revealed that the BSO failed to secure the shooting area during the 2017 Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting that left five people dead and six more injured.

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