Pattern Emerges as Biden Publicly Struggles with a Simple Task for a Third Time


Once is chance, twice is a coincidence and a third time is a pattern.

A pattern has certainly emerged throughout the last two years in regard to President Joe Biden, 80, and his complicated relationship with the staircase leading up to Air Force One.

Biden’s motor skills have been questioned since his third month in office, when he fell forward three times as he attempted to board a flight to Atlanta on March 19, 2021.

The White House blamed the repeated falls that day on the wind.

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Then-White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, “It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself.”

High winds could apparently not be blamed for a similar fall Biden experienced while again climbing the stairs as he prepared to depart Europe last month.

The White House did not comment on Biden’s Warsaw wobbliness. At least left-wing Snopes didn’t try to gaslight us into believing it never happened.

Is there a reason Biden keeps stumbling on stairs?

But less than two weeks after Biden tripped in Poland, he almost ate dirt again after he visited Selma, Alabama, on Sunday.

In Montgomery, the president stumbled on his ninth step on the staircase that has proved a menacing adversary for him.

Ironically, Biden often tackles stairs in a manner that makes it appear as though he wants to appear vibrant and energetic. The issue seems to be his feet are working faster than his brain, so he ends up appearing frail.

The president’s issues with stairs are definitely concerning.

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While Biden’s lack of fine motor skills makes both him and the American people look weak, they also put him in jeopardy of experiencing a potentially serious injury.

His fall in Alabama has made it clear a pattern has emerged, and some tough questions need to be asked.

Is Biden well enough to travel, and if he is, does someone need to have a conversation with him about slowing it down?

Is the president so unsteady on his feet that an alternative method to help him board the plane is in order?

The country is stuck with him for at least another 22 months, so the question must be asked if it is time to outfit Air Force One with a temporary escalator.

There is also no shame in someone who is wobbly on their feet using a stair lift.

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