Pelosi Just Gave House Democrats a Very Telling Directive in Private Meeting: Report


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi instructed her Democratic colleagues on Thursday not to publicly discuss the cost of a $3.5 trillion budget the party is currently attempting to pass on behalf of the White House, according to a report.

Democrats believe the massive spending will strengthen the “social safety net,” focus on boosting the economy and fight climate change, CNBC reported. If passed, trillions of dollars will be spent over a 10-year period, and it is all separate from the massive so-called “infrastructure” bill which recently passed in the Senate, but not yet in the House.

Kellyanne Conway, who served as the senior counselor to former President Donald Trump, recently shared an article from The Washington Times about the massive budget on Twitter and referred to it as a “spending extravaganza.”

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In the article, the Times shared comments from Democratic Rep. Sean Maloney of New York, who last week publicly asked his Democratic colleagues to show more discipline when discussing the price tag of the plan.

Appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Maloney said he hoped to see the plan pass within weeks, but that members of his caucus needed to focus on what is in the package, rather than its cost.

“And a little coaching, I think it would be wonderful, if instead of talking about whether it’s $2.5 [trillion], or $3.5 [trillion], or $2.7 [trillion] or $3.1[trillion], we actually talk about what’s in it,” the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee said. “We actually talked about the substance.”

Maloney, according to a report, is not alone in asking Democrats to hush up about the price tag of their massive social safety net, which some have likened to an iteration of a Green New Deal.

Politico reported that on Thursday, Pelosi met with Democratic lawmakers following a White House meeting with President Joe Biden over the proposed budget.

Passage would offer free community college tuition, free child care and other items nationwide in an expansion of the welfare state, according to a summary of the proposal.

Citing a source familiar with the private meeting, Politico reported Pelosi shared some strict instructions with caucus members: shush about the price tag.

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“If you have a cap, you can’t do everything everyone wants,” Pelosi reportedly said behind closed doors. “We should talk about what’s in the bill … Let’s not have a conversation about topline.”

Pelosi added the “most important thing right now is to show what’s in the bill.”

The report comes as the leftist wing of the Democratic Party has waned in its support for the massive spending proposal.

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The party’s radical wing wants the maximum amount of money from the package, whereas more moderate Democratic lawmakers, such as Sens. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, are reported to be hesitant to sign off on more spending.

For now, failure to find a consensus among Democrats, who hold slim majorities in both chambers of Congress, appears to have the plan at an impasse.

Biden met with both Manchin and Sinema last month separately to speak with them about the bill, CNBC reported.

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