Pelosi Trashes Trump's $1k Bonus Checks, But Ordered People to Love Measly $40 from BHO


Nancy Pelosi may have been one of those kids in school who hated math. That could be her crutch for her latest act of rank hypocrisy.

For whatever bizarre reason, she can’t fathom that the money from the tax breaks for most American workers, plus a $1,000 bonus and/or pay raise for 2 million is more than mere “crumbs.” Yet not all that long ago, she had her own clarion call for far less in the pockets of the taxpaying citizenry.

As reported by The Daily Caller, Rep. Pelosi saddled up with her Floridian counterpart Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz to belittle the $1,000 bonus millions have received.

Amazingly enough, neither Pelosi nor Wasserman Schultz mentioned the $2,000$4,000 axed from the annual taxes of the vast majority of taxpayers.

Of course, the actual amount saved is dependent on annual income, family size, etc. But the bottom line is this: We’re going to keep a ton of our own money.

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That we earned. Not Nancy Pelosi, not Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Nonetheless, both Democrat congresswomen appeared at a Florida town hall meeting of the party’s card-carrying faithful to specifically trash the approximately 250 companies who’ve given $1,000 bonuses (or in many cases, thousand of dollars in company stock to bolster their individual portfolios) to upwards of 2 million American workers.

But then Pelosi used the word that very well may come back to haunt her, as well as other members of the Democrat party in the upcoming mid-term elections: Crumbs.

Both the Federalist and The Daily Caller have picked up on the rather sanctimonious word usage of the House minority leader.

As the Federalists Joy Pullman opined regarding number of companies issuing bonus checks to their employees, “Pelosi was obviously bitter …”

Not alone, Benny Johnson of The Daily Caller referred to Pelosi’s “crumbs” comment as “her most offensive yet.”

But the best of googlie-eyed San Franciscan and her Ramen-haired running buddy is yet to come.

Turns out that the dimwitted duo were actually in favor of an Obama scheme to temporarily cut $40 a paycheck in Social Security tax. That’s only a ton less than the Trump plan.

Regardless, what they hate now, they loved then.

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Amazingly enough, as our own V Saxena recently penned, Minority Leader Pelosi may not be all that thrilled with the Trump Tax Plan, but has nary a problem pushing for a $137,000 tax cut for herself.

Conservative Tribune’s Martin Walsh also captured for posterity Pelosi’s fearmongering that the Trump Tax Cut is worse than slavery.

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