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People Can't Get Enough of Church's Hilarious Marquee Signs


Every day we drive by signs on the side of the road. Most of them are trying to get our attention one way another, whether through bright colors or irresistible deals.

It’s easy to let your eyes glaze over and block them all out. That’s especially true of marquees, since usually they list the most straightforward, basic information. Unless you’re already looking for the info they’re offering, there’s not much draw.

But sometimes a glance is rewarded. There aren’t underpaid creative geniuses behind every marquee, but there are a few.

And the internet is here to prove it.

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But some of the most surprising and hilarious signs belong to churches. Maybe because we expect them to be dry and informational, maybe because we don’t expect churches to be funny.

But churches are made up of individuals just like any other group. And some of those individuals are a riot.

There’s the brutal honestly and clipped message of the sort that Beech Springs Baptist Church illustrates.

There’s humor that catches you by surprise and breathes life (and pain) into an old, worn phrase as shown by Knox Presbyterian Church.

The most recent batch of funnies is from a church in San Antonio, Texas, called Camelot Christian Center. Their youth pastor has proven that he has a lot of material to work with.

Their marquee has become something of a local hotspot, attracting reporters and film crews.

Some of their biggest hits include old, familiar lead-ins: the sort of thing you’ve probably heard a dozen times if you’ve attended church with any regularity.

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“Honor thy mother and father. Fear the chancla. Dont (sic) forget flowers.”

Another one of their winners was “Yard sale bigger than Kanyes ego this Saturday 9 am.”

“Only ghost here is the Holy Ghost,” read another.

They even set up the board to look like an iPhone inquiry, with someone asking “Hey Siri find me a good church,” and Siri responding “Ok. How about this one?”

The community has enjoyed the laughs this church has provided, and with the internet, their talent can be shared with the rest of the world, too.

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