Persecution: Chilling Anti-Christian, Trump Supporter 'Ads' Pop up in NYC


Anti-Christian posters unlawfully stamped with the NYC Department of Sanitation logo have been found on trash cans and buildings in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

One of the posters’ designs is of a white woman wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat and holding a Bible.

The other is of a white man with a MAGA  hat, with a Confederate flag heart tattoo, holding a drink from Chick-fil-A.

What’s most disturbing is the phrase printed in huge type over the designs, saying “Keep NYC Trash Free.” The posters have red ban symbols over the images of the people.

The NYC Department of Sanitation released the following statement to PIX 11: “These posters were not created or issued by the Department of Sanitation, and we do not condone unlawful defacement of City litter baskets or public property. We are looking into this matter.”

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The designs were reportedly made by University of California at Berkeley graduate Winston Tseng.

According to IDNWorld, “Winston Tseng is the former art director of one of the most recognizable skate companies, Enjoi Skateboards.”

He’s also the designer of Trump alphabet cards, on which President Donald Trump is labeled, among other things, “klansman” and “oppressor.”

Tseng said in an interview that he wasn’t a political person until 2016. Since then, he’s furiously pumped out risque street art aimed at mocking Trump, conservatives, and Christians.

In an interview with Brooklyn Street Art about Trump, Tseng said, “I think he’s reflecting a lot of hate and ideologies that exist in the population. That’s what I’m trying to get out with this series. Put the focus a little bit less on him being the creator of all of this but rather on his supporters who share the same beliefs and those beliefs that get reflected through him.”

As if calling people “trash” who need to be removed isn’t a hateful ideology.

While Tseng told one news source that he didn’t put up the posters, another interview identifies him as the person plastering them around Manhattan.

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It makes sense that he would now disavow responsibility, considering that he was hit with a cease and desist by the city for similar antics.

The times are here when hateful imagery like this is praised as “funny” and “subversive.” What’s so funny about calling Christians trash? Imagine if these posters deemed any other group “trash.” They would be rightfully denounced.

Christians have a history of being the target of hostility and it’s one reason why America’s foundation of religious freedom is so powerful — and it’s why it’s so important Christians aren’t shamed into silence by the left.

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