Pet Owner Pays $650 to Thief Selling His Stolen Pug Online To Bring Pup Home Again


Chloe Tucker, a 24-year-old, was in Derbyshire with her 2-year-old daughter, Eva, and her French bulldog/pug cross, Eddy.

They were driving along when it became clear that Eva needed to use the bathroom. So, Tucker found a service station, pulled up and ran in with Eva.

Not five minutes had passed since they left the car, but when they got back, Eddy was gone.

“Little Eddy was stolen out of my car last night by some heartless scum at Tibshelf Service Station as we literally popped to toilet and back out,” she wrote online.

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“I’m absolutely heartbroken – he’s only ever known a loving family, he’s my baby. We are offering a reward for his return – he will be terrified.”

That happened on July 6. Fortunately for the pup and his distraught owners, there were good people on the lookout, scouring the internet for some sign of his presence.

One good Samaritan noticed a slightly odd-looking pug on an online sale site called Shpock, and sent the information to Anthony Walker, Tucker’s partner.

“There’s a group of people who look absolutely everywhere for missing and stolen pets and someone came to us with a link and picture of Eddy — we looked at it for two seconds and we knew it was him straight away — he’s got a distinctive jaw and has two white claws on his back two feet,” Walker reported.

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Walker knew at once that the dog in the photo was their Eddy. But then the real question: how was he supposed to get his dog back?

If he notified the authorities and the sellers caught wind of it, his dog would disappear and he may never see Eddy again.

But the seller was charging a substantial sum for the cute dog — over $650. To Walker, that was a small price to pay to ensure Eddy’s safety, especially because they’d offered twice that as a reward for his return.

“I’ve then gone and paid for the dog back. I was in a position where I couldn’t do anything else. I’ve been working in Farnborough lately but I managed to collect him from Heathrow in London.”

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“I’ve paid £500 to get him back but we have let the police know about the situation,” he continued. “I didn’t ask them (the people selling him) any questions — I just wanted to get Eddy away and back home.”

“We’re buzzing and over the moon to have him back,” he reported. “We feel very lucky to have him back.”

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