Petulant Protesters Throw Final Desperate Tantrum as Kavanaugh is Confirmed


Emotional hysterics versus calm, rational thought.

If the entire Kavanaugh fiasco could be summarized in one short sentence, that’s probably it.

Throughout the last-minute drama of Judge Brett Kavanaugh being forced to defend himself against unproven, decades-old allegations, that theme kept coming up.

While one side threw tantrums that would make a toddler jealous, the other side looked at the facts and followed them to their logical conclusion.

That was certainly true in the behavior of Senate Democrats, especially Senators Dianne Feinstein and Mazie Hirono. It looks increasingly clear that Feinstein used accuser Christine Blasey Ford as a disposable pawn, keeping her claims secret for two months until it was politically opportune to put the woman on display.

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At the same time, there is strong evidence that liberals purposely concealed the fact that Senate investigators were willing to travel to California to talk to Blasey Ford, a step that would have helped maintain her privacy. Instead, the left eagerly leaked that woman’s claims to the press and then dragged her into the national spotlight.

Even after it was clear that Republicans had the votes they needed to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, the petulant tantrums from liberals continued.

One video from Saturday’s Senate proceedings makes the contrast between adult and childish behavior painfully clear, and it is perhaps a perfect allegory for the two sides in the country right now.

Do you think liberals are shooting themselves in the foot with these outbursts?

“Dozens of protesters immediately interrupted the Senate’s final vote on confirming Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court on Saturday, screaming and yelling as they were removed from the gallery that overlooks the chamber,” reported The Hill.

Keeping a surprisingly cool head, Vice President Mike Pence was forced to repeatedly call for security officials to deal with the outbursts.

“The Sergeant in Arms will restore order in the gallery,” Pence said several times, calmly banging his gavel as the tantrum-throwers were presumably dragged out of the room.

“Protesters shouted ‘Shame on you!’ and ‘I did not give consent!’ as they were taken out of the gallery,” elaborated The Hill. “Yelling protesters could be heard from inside the chamber even after they had been taken out of the chamber.”

The tactic of yelling “shame” — as if that was itself a solid argument — had already been tried on individual lawmakers.

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After Democrat Senator Joe Manchin announced that he would break from his party to support Kavanaugh, he was mobbed by protesters who chanted as he tried to give a soft-spoken interview to the media.

Meanwhile, other protesters slandered female Senator Susan Collins as a “rape apologist” after she outlined the lack of any evidence against the nominee and announced that she would vote to confirm him.

It used to be that liberals and conservatives were both generally on the same page when it came to civility and the rule of law. Looking back on gentlemanly debates such as the 1967 face-off between Ronald Reagan and Bobby Kennedy makes polite disagreements seem downright quaint.

For all the disingenuous calls for civility and finger-pointing toward Donald Trump by the left, it is their side that is currently behaving like spoiled children and hysterical teenagers instead of calm adults.

Screaming in the face of the governmental process may get attention, but it’s not the path forward.

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