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Photographer Shares Emotional Stories of Healing for Women Who've Had Abortions


A photographer is using her talent to highlight the stories of women who have had abortions, their pain afterward and how they eventually found healing.

When Angela Forker first began her photography business, it was a shock to both her and her husband.

They were missionaries in Germany and Italy, she said, before the Lord called them to something else in 2014.

“I thought we would always be missionaries,” she told The Western Journal. “Little did I know that the course of my life would drastically change from missionary to photographer.

“Even more surprising was that my photography would turn into one of my greatest ministries that would touch millions of lives around the world!”

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She began by taking portraits of newborns, which she described as “bright, cheerful and whimsical.”

But in 2017, she began praying over her photography business and asked the Lord to use it for His glory.

First, she felt called to pray over each child she photographed.

Forker said that this turning point is when she first recognized her photography business as a ministry. She said she has since prayed for over 200 babies.

Only a year after she felt led to pray over her clients’ children, she prayed another prayer: “I prayed that God would use my newborn photography to save lives.”

A month later, she got the inspiration for the Precious Baby Project, which involves photographing babies with special needs at no cost to the parents.

“I feel like these babies and I are on a mission: to show the world that babies — and people — with special needs are beautiful and of value,” Forker said.

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Only a few months later, a clinic where women experiencing difficulties with their pregnancy are referred asked if it could hang a few of her photos up in the waiting room.

“It was a direct answer to my seemingly crazy prayer!” she told The Western Journal.

“As they sit there, wondering if they should abort their baby, they see these photos of beautiful babies with special needs and they see that there is hope and that this child will bring them joy.”

As if enough crazy twists and turns hadn’t happened during the years since she began professionally shooting photography, Forker decided once again to boldly pray over her business at the beginning of 2019.

She prayed that God would help her use the power of photography to lead people to Himself.

Soon she was inspired to document women’s abortion stories.

“God is using these photos and these ladies’ stories to speak where words may not reach people,” she said. “These women have carried this great pain for decades!

“Thankfully, many are finding healing through God. Their stories and photos of redemption are touching many lives, showing them that God is merciful and loves each one, offering them forgiveness and healing for their broken souls.”

Although the photos are much different from the bright and whimsical photos she had been accustomed to, Forker has found beauty in the redemption stories the women embody.

Women featured in the series share about the pain, both physical and emotional, they experienced after their abortions, as well as about how they began to heal.

Forker said her photo shoots have served as a type of therapy session for some of the women.

She originally anticipated receiving negative pushback for taking a stance on such a polarizing issue, but she said she has instead received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

“It’s hard to argue with experience,” she said.  “These ladies’ stories are touching hearts and challenging people’s thinking.”

Forker also said that the After the Abortion Photography Series has answered her prayer and is bringing many closer to God.

“I have received messages from people in different parts of the world, saying how much these photos have touched them,” she said.

“It was all a part of His great plan. I am so thankful that He has chosen to use my gift of photography to make a great impact on many lives around the world!”

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