Photos: Ex-Clinton Adviser Freaks in Fox Studio, Goes Pantsless, Attacks Debate Partner


Looks like Hillary Clinton’s team hasn’t been doing so hot after her presidential loss in the 2016 election.

Clinton herself had some trouble coming to grips with reality. Seemingly shell-shocked, she penned her post-election memoir under the apt title “What Happened,” as if crying to the public for answers on how she could have lost.

But she isn’t the only who’s had trouble bouncing back.

Philippe Reines, senior adviser for Clinton during her 2016 run and a trusted adviser to Clinton and friends for years, reportedly flipped out after appearing on a segment on the Fox Business Network.

The Daily Caller reported that Reines and Harlan Hill, a member of President Donald Trump’s 2020 advisory board, joined host Trish Regan to debate about the border wall and General Motors layoffs.

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While the segment seems to have been business as usual, Hill claims that when they went off the air, he encountered Reines screaming at him “like a maniac” in the Fox newsroom, curiously pants-free.

The pantsless Reines allegedly followed Hill through the studio yelling at him, which is when Hill snapped some photo evidence.

Hill alleges that Reines told him, “Yeah, I know how I look. How about you wipe the pubic hair off your face?”

The Daily Caller reports that Hill told them Reines said, “You’re just as much of a jack— on TV as you are online,” and to “stop hiding behind (Trish Regan’s) skirt.”

“We chirped back and forth, and he said, ‘You’re not half the debater you think you are.’ To which I said, ‘That’s probably the lamest, most D.C. diss I’ve ever heard,’” Hill told the Daily Caller.

If nothing else, the unprofessional incident at least gave Twitter users some entertainment.

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Reines defended his sartorial choices, saying that he never wears dress pants when he’s on TV.

“Pretty sure I’ve tweeted photos of myself not wearing pants,” he wrote in response to a question about Hill’s tweet, though that really only raises more questions than it answers.

It appears that the Trump administration is still beating the pants off of the Clinton team years after the election.

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