Photos: Little Girl Hilariously Mocks AOC by Reenacting Her Staged Border Photo Shoot


If you’re not following the @miniAOCofficial Twitter account, now may be the time to start.

Young Ava Martinez and her mom are making a cottage industry out of Ava’s spot-on impersonation of the House of Representatives’ most outspoken quasi-Communist.

In fact, Ava has been so successful, that those in need of a small-statured socialist lookalike can book her by emailing her mom.

That cottage industry is thriving, with Ava having gathered nearly 70,000 Twitter followers with her impression of New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And why wouldn’t it when the pint-sized impressionist, bespectacled with large red frames to boot, is both so charming and so incisive?

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Her latest tweet takes aim at photos of Ocasio-Cortez at the border.

Ava’s version is spot-on.

Lest you think she is a one-hit-wonder, take a look at some of her other material below.

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They say that one of the best ways to combat foolishness is by exposing it with humor. Rush Limbaugh has made a career out of doing just that.

If that’s true, Ava Martinez may be doing more to combat the left in America than almost any other young woman we’ve ever seen.

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