Is This the Most Plainspoken Sheriff in America? He Calls Suspect 'Oxygen-Stealer and a Scumbag,' Then Gets Even More Blunt


The tough-talking sheriff of Lee County, Florida, is making headlines for his no-nonsense approach to crimefighting.

When a naked man threatened a deputy with a knife after causing a domestic disturbance in May, the SWAT team quickly intervened and apprehended the suspect.

Shortly afterward, Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno held a news conference in the suspect’s driveway, The Associated Press reported on Saturday.

“He’s an oxygen-stealer and a scumbag, and I’m glad he’s outta here,” Marceno said of the suspect, whom the sheriff said described himself as a longtime member of the Pagans outlaw biker gang.

“I’m proud to say that in this county, if you present deadly physical force to one of my family members,” he told reporters, gesturing toward his team, “we meet you with deadly force every time, and we win. It’s pretty clean, pretty quick.”

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Given his tough-on-crime stance, it’s not surprising that Marceno was elected in Lee County, a Republican stronghold in Southwest Florida.

Compare this sheriff’s hard-line approach to the soft-on-crime policies of Democrats in the liberal cesspools of Chicago, New York and Minneapolis, where terrifying crime waves have rocketed in the past two years.

In stark contrast to many Democratic officials, Marceno has his officers’ backs and hails them as “heroes” protecting public safety.

“These are the heroes that go out and dedicate their lives, put themselves in harm’s way every day to make sure our great residents are safe,” the sheriff said in a December 2021 video pledge to crack down on drug criminals.

“We’re not going to tolerate drugs in this county,” he vowed. “I said zero tolerance from Day One.

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“You deal poison on the streets, it’s not if you’re going to jail, it’s when. I’m going to make certain we’re coming for you.”

Marceno warned drug dealers: “We’re cleaning this place up. The great residents of this county will have law and order.”

At a time when law enforcement has been demonized, disempowered and defunded, it’s reassuring that there are brave elected officials such as Marceno who remain dedicated to ensuring public safety.

Marceno is reminiscent of old-school cops such as retired Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, who was relentlessly attacked by Democrats and their media partners because he enforced the law instead of coddling criminals.

Should more law enforcement agencies adopt Marceno's approach?

The United States is at a tipping point, as pervasive violence and crime have surpassed alarming proportions.

Just as the criminals have done, law enforcement must take the gloves off and protect the citizenry.

And our elected officials must have their backs instead of undermining the police and further eroding public safety.

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