Planned Parenthood Fined for Failing To Disclose Clinton Contributions as Required by Law


Editor’s note: This story’s headline had incorrectly stated that Planned Parenthood was fined $120,000. In actuality, Planned Parenthood failed to disclose around $120,000 in campaign contributions, and was fined $5,850.

A political advocacy arm of a Wisconsin Planned Parenthood is being fined by the Federal Elections Commission for failing to accurately report almost $120,000 in contributions to the campaign of then-Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and another Democrat politician, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

Discrepancies found in Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin’s October 2016 quarterly report revealed the group’s failure to disclose independent expenditures in a timely and accurate manner, according to the FEC.

“$116,898.08 of the $133,305.04 worth of expenditures the group showed in the filing was never submitted in any previous 48-hour reports, a requirement for money put towards independent expenditures,” Fox News explained.

Planned Parenthood made the contributions in August, but didn’t disclose them until October — almost 2 months after the deadline.

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The FEC stated that the expenditures consisted of $58,449.04 in support of Clinton and an additional $58,449.04 in support of former Wisconsin Democrat Sen. Feingold who ran against Republican Ron Johnson.

Both candidates lost their elections in 2016.

Planned Parenthood claims the error was due to a filing mistake.

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“This error was due to a misunderstanding of the requirements by filing staff, who mistakenly believed 48-hour reports were not required unless expenditures were made within 20 days of the election,” Planned Parenthood stated.

“Staff has since been trained on all required reports and how to monitor aggregate amounts so that appropriate 48-hour reports will be made going forward, in addition to required 24-hour reports.”

Nevertheless, the group will pay $5,850 for the wrongdoing, according to The Beacon.

Planned Parenthood donating to Democrat politicians is common.

As noted by LifeSiteNews, “the $38 million Planned Parenthood and its associates gave to candidates between the 2012 and 2016 election cycles was more than nine times the $4.1 million the National Rifle Association donated to current members of Congress since 1998, a sum to which the mainstream media have devoted significant attention in recent months.”

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This year, the abortion group has promised to spend $20 million to elect pro-abortion candidates in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Planned Parenthood Action Fund Director Deirdre Schifeling said in a statement, “We think this is critical, critical for protecting, and hopefully expanding, access to reproductive health care in the states.”

“We’re sending a clear message to the politicians who made careers of undermining our freedom and rights: we’re voting you out in 2018.”

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