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Police Arrive at Burning Home, See Movement at Window and Save Elderly Woman Trapped Inside


When the Conyers Police Department in Georgia got the news that there was an active fire on the night of Feb. 12, some of their best and bravest rushed to the scene.

It wasn’t clear at first whether or not anyone was still inside the home, but thankfully the sole inhabitant made her presence known by approaching a window and banging on it from the inside.

The heavy smoke obscured the first responders’ view, but Senior Police Officer Samuels wasted no time bashing through the window and clearing the glass to get inside and help remove the trapped elderly woman.

“Back up! Back up!” Samuels and the other officers who’d arrived on the scene shouted.

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“Can you hear me?” they said, trying to locate the woman.

“Where are you at?” Samuels shouted into the billowing smoke as he pushed the blinds out of the way.

A nearly unintelligible muttering came from the depths of the home. Samuels swept the glass out of the windowsill, asked for a lift in, climbed in through the window, and followed the woman’s voice.

After picking her up, he lifted her through the window and made sure no one else was inside.

The elderly woman (who they mistakenly referred to as “sir” initially), was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. According to WSB-TV, she has since been released.

The Conyers Police Department shared the bodycam footage on Feb. 15, praising Samuels and the other officers who saved the woman.

“Every day Conyers Police Officers come to work to serve those that live and travel through our community,” they wrote. “Officers never know when the next call will come or what that call will be but they are always prepared. This video gives insight into officers’ courage and bravery that is displayed every single day.

“This past Sunday morning, C Squad officers were dispatched to a house fire call. When officers arrived, they saw heavy smoke coming from the house. It appeared a fire was inside the house but they were not sure if anyone was inside.

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“Senior Police Officer Smith, Senior Police Officer Samuels, and Officer Wright saw an elderly person trying to get their attention through a window to let officers know she was trapped. The window was broken by Senior Police Officer Smith so that they could gain access to the person. All officers on the scene worked as a team to successfully remove the elderly resident from the smoke-filled house.

“Great work by all those involved with this rescue!”

Dozens of people took the opportunity to thank the brave officers for their work and hail them as heroes.

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