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Police Officer Left in Tears When Little Girl Approaches Her at Gas Station


So much of a first responder’s job is short interactions with people they will likely never see again. Sometimes that’s a relief, but other times they’re left wondering how something turned out.

But they still do their jobs, putting their all into brief, life-altering moments they spend with total strangers.

Every so often they get a glimpse back into a past story, though — and that’s precisely what one officer in Collier County, Florida, was blessed with recently.

Corporal Sherry Rego was at a gas station when a young girl came running up to her and gave her a hug. This was no random little girl: This girl had met Rego before under grim circumstances.

Rego shared the resulting story on her Facebook page and it was picked up by the sheriff’s office; it has since gone viral.

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“Cpl. Sherry Rego describes today as the best day of her entire year,” the Collier County Sheriff’s Office shared on Sept. 25.

“She was crying happy tears a minute ago when we called and asked permission to share this beautiful post from her personal facebook page.”

“Today God reminded me why I do what I do!” Rego had written. “While pumping gas this beautiful girl came to my truck… tears rolled in my eyes as I looked at her, her parents and big brother…

“Her mom said to her do you remember your angel, why did she say this? Because just over 3 years ago I was giving her lifeless daughter CPR. She was almost 2 and today she proudly shared she is 5 and on her way to Disney!

“This was such a blessed reminder why I do the job I do, and beyond grateful to the amazing agency I work for that believes in top notch training for their deputies and equipment to do our everyday tasks.

“Enjoy your Disney weekend pretty girl, you left my heart so full today.”

The photos show the cheery little girl beaming in Rego’s arms. It’s clear that this moment meant a lot for Rego and was confirmation that she’s where she needs to be and doing what she needs to be doing.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office’s telling of the story has been shared over 8,000 times and reacted to over 19,000. It’s gotten over 1,300 comments, many of them positive messages of support for the police.

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“This lady was an absolute angel!” commented a woman who said she was the girl’s grandmother. “My grand daughter would be dead right now if this police officer wasn’t paying attention.”

“She was 2 years old and fell in the bottom of the swimming pool. She gave her mouth to mouth resuscitation and prayed over her. This is an absolute miracle.”

“I love her!!” wrote another. “When I used to work out at a gas station in the estates every single night her and one other police officer waited while I got to my car safely!!! I had many scary instances and it became a nightly thing. I will forever be thankful for them!”

“I love this lady!” a third woman wrote.

“I’ve had such positive encounters with her! She’s top notch.”

Thanks to Rego and officers like her, our communities are better, safer and brighter places to live.

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