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Police Rush To Save Bride & Groom Stranded in Floodwaters on Wedding Day

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There are plenty of traditions surrounding weddings and wedding days. Some of them we’ve held on to, some we have developed recently, and some just seem to have always existed.

Take, for example, the belief that rain on your wedding day is a promising sign. Several cultures hold to this, but whether it’s true or just a way to make up for the dreariness on what’s supposed to be a bright, wonderful day is difficult to say.

But a lot of rain? And a flood? Probably not the best sign.

One bride got a taste of this on Saturday when she found herself stranded in a car that had gotten into water too deep to continue.

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In Bogota, New Jersey, the poor woman waited for rescue from her car that had been incapacitated by the freak storm.

Fortunately for her, the Bogota Police Department was ready and willing to help, and even had a new Hummer that could wade through the flood so she could be escorted to dry land.

The video of the event shows her standing up in the sun roof of her car. When the Hummer gets close, she takes off her shoes and hands them one at a time to the cop, then he helps her onto the vehicle.

The department later posted about the event, and how rare it was that the water would rise that quickly.

“Unfortunately due to the quickly rising flood waters, this bride, her new husband and wedding party friends, got a rough start on things,” they wrote.

“The fortunate thing, is we were able to help them through their first rough patch. Obviously their day has not gone as planned, so let’s congratulate them on their wedding and give them best wishes for a lifetime of love and adventure, starting now.”

The video was seen by so many people that the department decided to post a follow-up on Sunday.

“We would like to thank you all for the kind words and comments to the bride and groom on our last post, which has brought much attention,” they wrote.

“There were many people taking pictures and videos in the area during that time and we wanted to keep the decorum professional, because they already have been through enough on their special day.”

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“If you are from the area, you know that it is flood prone. Within an hour yesterday, Bogota got over an inch of rain. This was not the normal flood!! This came to over 4 ft high from up stream, in less than 15 minutes!”

“Like we said, we hope the bride and groom had a great wedding day and we wish nothing but the best for them. If you know them, please pass that message along to them,” the police department concluded.

Various media outlets have asked for more information on the bride and groom so they can get interviews — but hopefully the newlyweds are far away, enjoying their honeymoon without the threat of more floods.

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