Poll on Trump's 'Animals' Comment Hands the President Another Big Win


It seems every time the mainstream media throws a tantrum, President Donald Trump ends up winning.

The latest in a long line of media meltdowns involved the president’s description of MS-13 as “animals.”

At first, the press tried to skew or even outright lie about the comment, and falsely reported that Trump had been speaking about all immigrants and not specifically violent gang members.

Even after the media was forced to admit that Trump was answering a question about the infamous El Salvadorian gang, which is known to rape, murder and behead, they continued to criticize his comment.

Numerous pundits ended up essentially siding with the violent gang, while wringing their hands about how calling them “animals” was demeaning and dehumanizing.

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You would think gang members cutting off someone’s head would do a pretty good job at dehumanizing themselves, but we digress.

Now, the left-leaning media is being forced to eat crow once again. It turns out that not just conservatives but the majority of all Americans agree with Trump, and had no problem with his remarks.

“Fifty-six percent of American adults in the Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll said referring to members of the gang as ‘animals’ is fair, compared to 44 percent who said the characterization was unfair,” reported The Hill.

Remember, those numbers include people from all over the political spectrum. Amazingly, there were actually more Democrats asked the poll question than Republicans, skewing the result somewhat.

Do you think calling MS-13 "animals" is fair?

“The Harvard CAPS/Harris Poll online survey of 1,347 registered voters was conducted May 21-22. The partisan breakdown is 37 percent Democrat, 32 percent Republican, 29 percent independent and 2 percent other,” The Hill explained.

Even with that factor giving a slight over-sampling advantage to Democrats, the majority still sided with Trump’s comment.

This is the unacknowledged genius of the president, and the mainstream media keeps playing directly into his hands. Trump says something that he knows the majority of Americans agree with, and uses blunt language like everyday people.

Elitists in the media, increasingly isolated from the citizenry in their own echo chambers, squawk and gnash their teeth. Like moths to a flame, they cannot help but attack Trump… and in the process, begin defending things like MS-13.

The result is that Trump is seen as being on the same page as the people, while the mainstream media paints themselves into a corner and appear even more out of touch and ridiculous than before.

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That’s exactly what the commander in chief himself pointed out in a recent tweet discussing both the “animals” controversy and North Korea.

“Democrats are so obviously rooting against us in our negotiations with North Korea. Just like they are coming to the defense of MS 13 thugs, saying that they are individuals & must be nurtured, or asking to end your big Tax Cuts & raise your taxes instead. Dems have lost touch!” he posted.

Say what you want about Trump, but he seems to have an instinct for tripping up his opponents and tuning in to the pulse of the people.

This drives the establishment insane, but it’s incredibly refreshing to see the president — and the American people — vindicated for simply speaking the truth about the world.

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Benjamin Arie is an independent journalist and writer. He has personally covered everything ranging from local crime to the U.S. president as a reporter in Michigan before focusing on national politics. Ben frequently travels to Latin America and has spent years living in Mexico.