Poll: Young People, Hispanic Support for Gun Control Plummets


Anti-Second Amendment rhetoric, which Democrats employ to generate support for their gun control positions, is less powerful after a year in which people witnessed how quickly things can get out of hand.

According to new polling shared by The Washington Post, support for gun control among young people and Hispanics has dropped since peaking after the deadly 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

The Post noted, citing a poll it conducted with ABC News, that in April 2018, two moths after students were massacred at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, 65 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds polled supported gun control legislation.

But that was when former President Donald Trump was in office. In those days, every message and narrative the mainstream media pushed was bad and sad and hopeless — even if there was relative peace and unprecedented modern economic prosperity until Democrats began using the coronavirus pandemic last spring to rip at the seams of our society.

The corporate media are now suffering from a crisis in trust, and public sentiment has simultaneously moved away from its propaganda with regard to firearms.

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Without any real leadership at the national level, the world suddenly that feels like a more dangerous place since January, when President Joe Biden was inaugurated. That’s now shown up in a survey about gun control.

In a report on the poll, Newsweek said, “In April 2018, the last time the ABC/Washington Post survey was conducted on this issue, 65 percent of these young Americans said they support gun control laws. That percentage is now 45.”

“Percentage drops were seen in nearly every demographic divide,” the report said. “In that time period, 20 percent of Hispanics pulled back from supporting new gun laws.”

Fifty percent of Hispanics support new gun control legislation in the new ABC/Washington Post poll, whereas three years ago, that number was 70 percent, according to Newsweek.

Do you support legislation for more gun control?

This is the left-wing Post, and we are digesting a poll conducted with the assistance of the agenda-driven left-wing ideologues at ABC News. But you have to believe there is some truth in this poll.

Gun control is one of the pet causes for the kind of propagandists who work at the newspaper and formerly great network, and when they’re telling us that fewer and fewer people are supporting a campaign to grab at our guns, we ought to believe that.

If anything, we might assume that support for gun control legislation is lower than what was reported.

How could any rational person be in favor of leaving himself or herself defenseless after what we’ve all seen throughout the last year? People have been beaten and killed in the streets, and smoldering Democrat-run cities went after their own cops rather than those who set the fires.

The riots of 2020 will never be forgotten, having been burned into the psyche of sensible people.

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While all of the lawlessness was occurring, the country set records throughout the last year for gun ownership — and many of the people buying guns had never owned guns before. That speaks to the relationship between rhetoric and results.

Beginning in 2020, Americans who were paying attention saw just how vulnerable their civil liberties were when Democrats seized power over their lives. Then, the riots came, and people felt helpless and under duress.

No sane people of any race or age would evaluate the last year and conclude that the best path forward would be to make themselves and their homes even more vulnerable to mobs. It doesn’t work that way.

Democrats are losing the messaging war on gun control, according to polling by left-wing outlets. Surely the party’s support for urban anarchy contributed to that.

Huge swaths of Americans have realized that there are suddenly more felons walking around and that riotous mobs will being given a pass to set fires and kill people in the name of social justice.

Aside from those cold, hard facts, Democrats came along this year and opened the border while also continuing their war on the men and women who are here to risk life and limb to tackle those threats — the police.

Democrats and the corporate media backed people into a corner, and many of them responded by embracing guns.

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