Poor Pup Finds Forever Home After Being Starved by Owner's Vengeful Ex-Girlfriend


The way a person deals with disappointment really reveals a lot about their character. We expect children to have major blow-ups when they can’t get what they want, but when an adult throws a fit, it just looks immature.

One disgruntled woman in Laurens County, South Carolina, did something that went beyond childish and flew straight into the despicable category.

A bad breakup had left Elizabeth Lena James angry and upset — and perhaps we’ve been there at one time, so we understand the emotions she was processing. But few of us would have taken out our ire on a helpless creature.

For some reason, when her boyfriend left, he also left his 16-month-old mastiff mix with her. Because it was his dog and she was still mad, she simply stopped feeding it.

It wasn’t a case of forgetfulness or inexperience: James had her own dogs, and she did keep up their care. She purposely starved her ex’s dog.

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In August the sheriff’s office was notified and James was arrested, according to ABC 8.

“Inhumane treatment of animals will not be tolerated on my watch” said Sheriff Don Reynolds, according to a Laurens County Sheriff’s Office report. “No animal should have to go without food and water.”

By the time the dog — named Champ — was rescued, he was barely alive. Skin and bones, the poor dog was less than half of what he should have weighed, and was rife with maggots.

The Rescue Dogs Rock NYC group took him in, and devoted themselves to his rehabilitation. Their Facebook page outlines the group’s mission:

“Our mission is to raise awareness of the ever growing plight of homeless animals in this country, both in shelters and those dumped on our streets. Way too many amazing animals are euthanized every single day simply because they are homeless.”

Do you have a rescue animal?

“We want to introduce these animals to the public and educate people that unwanted companion animals are not damaged goods or unworthy, but really can be great family pets. Because the abuse, neglect, cruelty and medical cases cost shelters the most money and are the most urgent, they are often the first animals euthanized.”

“It is our goal to focus on the rescue of these urgent animals and provide them immediately the routine, emergency or specialized medical care they need and deserve. We will go beyond just vet care and get these animals rehabilitated as needed using trainers and behaviorists to help overcome issues related to past trauma.”

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They’ve certainly done that with Champ. After a week, co-founder Jacquelyn O’Sullivan commented that he was doing better: “One week in, he is doing better. He is starting physical therapy and his red blood cells are finally starting to regenerate on their own,” she said, according to People.

Slowly but surely, the pup clawed his way back toward health. And when he was finally strong enough to go home, an adoptive couple was ready for him.

On Champ’s Facebook page, a post from October 12 stated that he was finally able to go home, and would never again face the conditions he’d suffered through.

“Today, the rest of my life starts as I head home with my forever family! They were very carefully chosen as apparently I’m pretty famous & everyone wants the best for me. I assure you all, I am getting the best!”

“They are coming this afternoon, so stay tuned! I can’t wait to see them again.”

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