Portland Woman on Patriot Prayer Shooting: 'Tough Luck, Don't Be a F***ing Trump Supporter'


The United States has navigated its way through some tough obstacles, such as a civil war, a prolonged economic depression and two global conflicts.

But how do we navigate around hate in the hearts of Americans who have no love for their fellow citizens?

How does the country survive the mobs who hate the country itself?

That’s the question that comes to mind following a callous and casual comment made by a woman in Portland, Oregon, about the murder of a conservative Christian during a riot in that city last month.

Aaron “Jay” Danielson, with the pro-Trump group Patriot Prayer, was shot and killed late last month in Portland, allegedly by Michael Reinoehl, who had aligned himself with the various leftist groups and causes that are opposed to the country.

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Reinoehl will never face a court, as he was killed in a skirmish with law enforcement about a week later, after he produced a weapon during his attempted arrest, police said.

Tensions across the country have reached a fever pitch this year, and so political violence has become increasingly normalized.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language which some viewers might find offensive.

Sadly, some people forget, if they ever knew at all, that there is a human behind every name and statistic.

Simply put, we should have respect for the dead.

But a woman interviewed earlier this month by conservative commentator James Klug about the killing of Danielson had no respect for the victim.

The woman, who was not named, casually dismissed the Portland slaying.

“I don’t think I’ve heard of another Trump supporter being shot in Portland. So the f— what?” she said.

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“Tough luck, don’t be a f—ing Trump supporter in Portland.”

In a period of only 12 seconds, the woman on camera dispelled any notion that as Americans, we’re all in this together.

These individuals are not with us.

They are against us.

They want to close off entire cities and states to us.

Tribalism, hedonism and toxic identity politics have divided our country, and it’s difficult to see how a mentality such as the one displayed by the woman in the video can be overcome.

But the woman’s words are representative of where too many people’s hearts are at right now.

Do you think the left's riots will continue, no matter the outcome of the November election?

There are some very disturbed individuals leading the protests and the riots in America’s cities.

Patriotic Americans are still battling to protect individual liberties and taking up old fights, specifically with regard to the First and Second Amendments, which protect the right of Americans to express their opinions and to defend themselves and their families.

But as we are willing to fight for not only our rights but the rights of all Americans, there are some petty and small people with hatred in their hearts.

Our lives are of little consequence to them or their causes.

Their hatred is directed at us, our flag, our children and grandchildren, and the bedrock principles of our republic.

They hate us, and probably somewhere deep down, they hate themselves.

We know that hate drives them and we cannot let it drive us.

Our response should be that we are ready to defend ourselves and those we love.

We should also pray for the souls of all who are filled with hate, and we must vote like our lives depend on it, because they just might.

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