The Power of Prayer: The Crown of Creation Will Always Prevail Over Idols of Impotence


USA Today reports a Satanist organization has planted a satanic Christmas display in Illinois’ State Capitol. Illinois officials say they cannot refuse to house the display since it is not state-funded; the acolytes of evil have the same right of public expression as the Christians and Jews who put up displays.

They are on solid legal ground, but looking pretty pathetic since there is no satanic holiday in December.  Christmas represents the devil’s greatest failure.

Two thousand years ago a betrothed adolescent girl became pregnant. She claimed God fathered her child but few would have believed her; those who read Isaiah would have said something like, “Well, you’re not her.”

She could have been stoned for adultery – betrothal carried the same gravitas as marriage – and the Son of God would have died in utero. The devil blew his opportunity to prevent the advent of the Christ Child. He has never recovered.

Satanic displays in Illinois, Arkansas, and wherever else, represent idols of impotence contending against the Crown of Creation – advantage Creation – every time.

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Truthfully – for those who remain appalled at these abominable acts – their success is our responsibility, legal or not. When Christians pray and worship in a concerted and sustained effort to bless and curse not, these idols of impotency wilt. The record is abundant.

A group of occultists from Tibet erected a sand mandala – a perfectly symmetrical piece of art in sand – in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in 2003.  They announced their plans and gathered financial and cultural support from California elites public and private.

Their avowed purpose was to introduce spirits into the structure and pour both sand and demons into the Pacific Ocean from the Santa Monica Pier, bringing about their idea of peace by asserting spiritual authority over California.

A small group of Christians – believers that God’s battles are fought by honoring enemies – prayed over the best course of action.  We decided to sow peace where they sowed chaos. We stationed a team of prayer warriors on one overpass in every county crossed by Interstate 5; a team of statewide leaders prayed at museum, pier, and other strategic locations.

In all cases, we prayed blessing and forgiveness for those we believed bent on evil; we made communion with the Lord as well. The result was remarkable, and visible to anyone present.

When the monks attempted to carry the sand of their deconstructed creation onto the Santa Monica Pier, they reacted as though their feet were being burned unbearably through the soles of their sandals. They next carried the sand down the beach – alongside the pier – to the water.

There was not a breath of wind until they tried to throw the sand into the water; a sudden strong gust blew it all back in their faces.  The monks reported the little god-lets refused to leave their sandy refuge – an unprecedented event by their account. For the next several months many who drove the I-5 in multiple places commented about the pervasive sense of peace along the corridor.

As one of the primary leaders of what we called the I-5 Project I was present at pier and museum; I heard reports from all over the state.  Readers with little sympathy for supernatural phenomena may dispute claims of God’s intervention, but the facts are as I witnessed and relate them. The I-5 Project is not unique.

That same year I was approached in my home city of Redding by staff and management of a local upscale hotel. The owner had booked a public event in which New Age practitioners promised – for a high ticket price – to conduct a gigantic séance and release the spirit of a pretended thirty-five-thousand-year-old prince of the lost continent of Atlantis, actually a demon dressed in silk brocade.

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Upon request I took a team and prayed through the hotel with special attention to the ballroom where the event was scheduled. As always, we prayed only blessings and forgiveness; we celebrated Holy Communion. When the moment came, the “prince” failed to come as miserably as the spirits in the mandala.

I could offer many more anecdotes of similar size and shape. When the Church functions as the Church – and a primary function is to incarnate blessing over the cities in which we live – the servants of satan can offer nothing but idols to impotency. Christians serve the Crown of Creation – when we will to serve.

Our task and our privilege is simple and three-fold. First, let’s not freak out over what seems infernal defeat; we need to accept reality that King Jesus holds all the cards and play them as He – not the enemy – has dealt them. Second, we engage authentic spiritual warfare, using only the weapons He supplies of blessing, forgiveness, and communion – however we understand that most fundamental act of worship. Third, we remember His words to some praying Christians a few years back, “Relax; I’ve got more riding on this than you have.”

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