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Preschool Girl Abandoned on Street Corner, Police Searching for Answers


Many times when a child is lost, parents or family members are frantic to find their little one. Even the best parents can experience such terror.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, it’s often pretty obvious when a child has been abandoned intentionally — but sometimes the circumstances by which the child came to be lost are confusing, and it’s best to reserve judgment until the whole story is known.

One young girl was found after midnight on Saturday last week in New York City. She was on the corner of E. 156 St. and Prospect Ave. in the Bronx when police found her.

Being 4 years old, the girl was able to tell authorities her name — Sidaya — but couldn’t give them any more helpful information that would reunite her with her family.

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Officers were able to recover a surveillance video that showed a woman crossing a street and waiting for the girl to catch up.

The video was taken 10 minutes before police found Sidaya alone on the street corner, wearing only a sweater, sweatpants and rain boots.

The woman with her appeared to be around 5 feet 2 inches tall and in her 20s.

The New York Police Department has requested that anyone who knows anything about the situation call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-8477.

“UNIDENTIFIED CHILD: On 2/27/21 at approx 12:03 AM, at the corner of Prospect Ave & E 156 St in the Bronx, the child was found unaccompanied,” the NYPD News account tweeted on Sunday.

“She says her name is Sidaya and is approx 4-years-old. Any info on her identity, please call or DM @NYPDTips at 800-577-TIPS.”

Some have suggested that the woman in the video might just be a concerned stranger and not the girl’s mother, but others pointed out that the adult made no effort to hold the girl’s hand or speak to her.

A short while later, NYPD News shared close-ups of the girl, hoping someone would recognize her.

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Sidaya was taken to a hospital, where she was found to be in good physical health.

As of Tuesday, there was still no word about her parents or situation, but Sidaya is at least safe. If you recognize her or know anything about her story, make sure to contact Crime Stoppers.

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