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Prince Philip Crash Victim Causes Major Controversy After Speaking Out Against Him in Video


The accident involving Prince Philip that took place near the Sandringham Estate last week has taken some surprising twists and turns, and it’s difficult to get a real read on the situation. The royals, as is their way, are mostly keeping mum, while an injured passenger from the civilian car involved in the wreck is coming forward with some pointed commentary.

Emma Fairweather claims to be an all-in supporter of the royals, even challenging those who are not. “Much debated topic in my household and my children are quite often put in their place if they’re not fully supportive of the royal family,” Fairweather said during an interview, according to Yahoo News.

But now, she’s asking some serious questions about how the situation has been handled. “There needs to be a decision as to whether Prince Philip and I are from the same walk of life here or not. We either both receive the same treatment, or we don’t,” she stated. She feels overlooked, and isn’t happy with the (lack of) treatment she has received.

In most situations, only the drivers involved in accidents exchange information, and Fairweather was a passenger. For whatever reason, the driver of the vehicle she was in has not come forward publicly in the same way Fairweather has.

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“I’m still waiting to give a statement to the police, which I am shocked by,” Fairweather continued. “I haven’t had a full medical check yet, my arm was checked at the time despite me telling the hospital I had other injuries. I just feel that his experience probably hasn’t been the same as mine.”

Fairweather appears confused as to why the duke did not contact her himself, even stating that she was excited at the prospect of getting a call from the queen, but was disappointed when only police contacted her.

She states, too, that the family liaison officer assigned to her hasn’t been in contact with her. “When I’ve contacted the family liaison officer from Norfolk Police to say I have a number of questions, he hasn’t been prepared to listen to those,” she said.

According to TMZ, she’s also claimed that the officer she was working with decided to discontinue his services with her, which she says was due to the questions she kept asking.

TMZ’s sources also mentioned that the Norfolk Police have tried to contact her multiple times but that she has yet to respond. They also said that on Friday, the day after the accident, Norfolk Police scheduled a time to take Fairweather’s statement on Tuesday, even though she said she was “shocked” that the police haven’t taken a statement from her yet.

Fairweather is also questioning the duke’s narrative, suggesting that his reason for not seeing their car (the sun got in his eyes) was simply not accurate.

“I don’t remember it being sunny that day,” she stated. “I would never want to say the Duke wasn’t being honest, but I do not recall that that day was sunny. That’s not the day I had, we’d been complaining that morning that it was miserable and overcast.”

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Despite her saying that the day was overcast, some people have since reposted photos of the scene, showing light filtering through the trees.

John Barrowman, one of the hosts on ITV’s “This Morning,” mentioned that often after an accident, authorities suggest that the parties do not communicate as it can lead to legal repercussions — which could explain why the royals have not been in direct contact with Fairweather. She acknowledged that, but implied that it wouldn’t have hurt the duke to reach out personally, and that asking about her condition would not be the same as admitting guilt.

When asked how she felt about the photo circulating of the duke neglecting to wear his seat belt just days after the crash, Fairweather said she was disappointed.

“Upset, very upset. Of course accidents happen, but there needs to then be a period of reflection on what could be done to prevent the same thing happening again,” she said. “It’s highly insensitive and inconsiderate towards me and everyone involved.”

Hopefully there will be a conclusive report in the near future, for everyone’s sake.

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