Private Home Ransacked and Desecrated For Wild House Party, But the Sheriff That Shut It Down Has Some Brutal News


Actions have consequences.

Some Florida Panhandle teens are going to learn that the hard way after a raucous party that was allegedly held without permission in Walton County.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office said that a wild open house party held in the resort community of Watercolor, Florida, caused serious damages.

They described the Saturday party as a burglary, accusing the revelers of breaking into the house.

Snapchat videos of the party show teens turning the home’s foyer into an improvised boxing ring.

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The cops say they’re investigating the event using social media evidence. The Walton Sheriff’s Office emphasized their ability to subpoena Snapchat for videos of the event.

One video even showed the youths quickly fleeing the house as police arrive.

Roughly two hundred people, some of whom were high schoolers, attended the unauthorized party when the home’s owners were away from town, according to NBC.

Should these kids be prosecuted?

An officer of the Walton County Sheriff’s Office told WJHG-TV that the event caused serious damages at the $8 million home.

“An open house party is illegal, it’s already against the law, but breaking into a house to have an open house party is burglary,” said Walton County Sheriff’s Office PIO Corey Dobridnia.

“There is a chance that some of the kids didn’t know that the house wasn’t being rented, but the amount of destruction and the amount of items stolen out of the house would lead me to believe that even if you did think you had permission to be there, you knew you were doing things that is against the law.”

Dobridnia emphasized the damage the uninvited youths caused to the home. The agency is still calculating a precise amount.

“Furniture was destroyed, the door was destroyed,” Dobridnia told the Northwest Florida Daily News.

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“What you can imagine after 200 people come into your house that are not supposed to be there?”

Property was allegedly stolen as a result of the party, including gaming consoles and sports memorabilia.

The youth seriously need to learn some respect.

There’s something to be said for the juvenile justice system if they are really high schoolers under the age of 18.

However, a judge needs to instill some of the values these trespassers are missing because their parents couldn’t complete the job.

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