Pro-Abortion Rioters Mob Cops, Force Outnumbered Officers to Lose Suspect


Dangerous pro-abortion mobs rioted in Democrat-run Los Angeles on Tuesday following the incendiary leak of a draft opinion indicating the Supreme Court is on track to reverse Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 decision that legalized abortion.

This conveniently-timed leak — which dropped amid widespread projections of a red wave in the November midterm elections — stoked left-wing violence.

In one shocking incident, a rioter threw an electric scooter at a cop as an angry mob surrounded members of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Electric scooters typically weigh about 30 pounds. That could seriously injure someone.

Check out the video here. The scooter gets thrown about the 40-second mark.

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WARNING: The following videos contains strong and graphic language that some viewers may find offensive.

Assaulting cops with deadly weapons is nothing new for the unhinged left, as evidenced by the Black Lives Matter riots that erupted during the harrowing summer of 2020.

Tuesday’s unrest in Los Angeles was eerily reminiscent of the riots two years ago, and portends similar disruptions in the coming months as abortion takes center stage in the national debate.

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Just like the fiery BLM demonstrations, the pro-abortion riots metastasized in other Democrat-controlled cities on Tuesday.

Leftists smashed buildings, vandalized businesses and started fires in Portland, according to independent journalist Andy Ngo.

Similar disruptions roiled nearby Seattle.

In New York City, abortion fans packed Foley Square, a plaza housing numerous civic buildings, including a federal courthouse and the New York Supreme Court.

One alarming video shows a mob of deranged leftists surrounding a black pro-life activist.

The angry crowd incited violence against the pro-lifer and yelled racial slurs, including calling him an “Uncle Tom” for opposing abortion on demand.

The opportunistic timing of this Supreme Court leak doesn’t surprise conservatives, who have seen the left resort to this same tactic time and time again.

“The shocking leak of the Supreme Court draft decision that overturns the constitutional right to abortion is already achieving its main objective,” New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin wrote in a piece published Tuesday.

“It is giving Democrats something to run on this fall besides Joe Biden’s lousy record.”

Democrats and their media allies typically “leak” or publish inflammatory articles to rally the base in the lead-up to critical elections. And this SCOTUS leak follows the same predictable playbook.

Goodwin wrote that “you’re not likely to see a single Dem denounce the leak or the leaker. Quite the opposite. Desperate times lead to desperate actions and, without batting an eye, they embraced the draft’s contents as an opportunity to rally their dejected supporters around a new flag.”

He continued: “Forget inflation, open borders, the murderous crime surge, Ukraine — look over here at this shiny new object. And get mad as hell.”

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