Pro-Gun Social Worker Fired After Company Sees 1 Piece of Paper in Her Possession


In the wake of last month’s tragic shooting at a Parkland, Florida, high school, there have been increased calls for more gun control measures.

Gun control advocates have used legal means to push their agenda, as seen in Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott signed into law a bill that bans bump stocks and raises the minimum age to buy a firearm from 18 to 21 — among other things.

However, in Virginia — if a former social worker’s story is to be believed — Roanoke’s social services department decided to punish a law-abiding pro-Second Amendment citizen not because she had done or was going to do anything illegal, but because they were afraid of her concealed carry permit.

After being fired from her job, former social services worker Storm Durham took to social media to claim that she was let go simply for having the permit.

“Not the gun, the permit,” she wrote Friday, adding that she was escorted out of the building by three police officers for allegedly being a “safety threat to the building.”

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In a follow-up post, she wrote that she “didn’t even carry on the job or the property,” even though officers told her “daily” that she should carry when going into homes alone as part of her job.

In a Facebook post, Durham elaborated, vehemently claiming that while she is a legal gun owner, she has never carried a weapon “during my job, or visits, or anything related to work.”

Do you think this worker was fired for just cause?

“Was my gun on me? No. Has it ever been on me during my job, or visits, or anything related to work? No. When I told them that it has never been on me during work, what did they say? ‘How do we know that,'” she said.

“I have a concealed carry permit. I own guns. I hunt. I target shoot. I represent Women hunters and outdoorswomen. Does that make me a criminal? Does that make me a safety risk to others? A big enough safety risk to be escorted by three Roanoke City Police officers?” she asked. “So scary and threatening that I need to be treated like a criminal?”

Durham said she legally obtained a gun because she is a survivor of sexual assault.

Though she says she never broke any rules or laws, she took issue with being treated like a criminal. Moreover, the same officers who had accompanied her on social services visits wouldn’t even let her use the bathroom as she was leaving the building.

On Twitter, many people seemed to take Durham’s side.

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And now, Durham has every intention of pursuing legal action, though she said in a Facebook live video she is not looking to get her job back because she does “not want to work for these liberals,” according to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“I am an American. A gun owner. And a proud sponsor of hunting across America, and I, nor my lawyers, judges, or support systems will rest until something is done,” she wrote. “Until someone answers for punishing me and taking away my constitutional right.”

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