Pro-Police Masks Banned from Court to Remove 'Bias'


A Maryland judge just ordered all district courts employees to shed any apparel showing appreciation for police officers only days before National Police week.

Chief Judge John P. Morrissey issued a directive on Wednesday to all on-duty employees to stop wearing apparel with Thin Blue Line imaging following a letter from Maryland Public Defender Paul DeWolfe the day prior, according to The Baltimore Sun.

The letter reportedly complained that apparel with such images has created concerns over trial “fairness” in American courtrooms.

According to The Washington Post, DeWolfe wrote, “The ‘thin blue line’ is commonly depicted as a black and white rendition of the American flag with a blue stripe running just under the stars, with the ‘thin blue line’ itself representing the belief that the police are the only thing that stands between order and chaos.”

“It has been adopted by the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ movement, which launched in response to the Black Lives Matter movement, and has been associated at times with white supremacist groups.”

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DeWolfe noted incidents in 15 separate jurisdictions of various courtroom officers, employees and others wearing such apparel during court hearings.

He then argued that this imagery is somehow harmful to the trials of his clients, writing that Thin Blue Line apparel “denies to them the appearance that their hearing is being conducted fairly and without bias.”

DeWolfe didn’t neglect to mention that “a large swath” of his clients are black, softly pushing the establishment media narrative that police solely exist to murder black people.

Despite his ridiculous premise, though, Morrissey seemingly agreed.

Was this a biased decision?

“The Judiciary must maintain itself as an unbiased and independent branch of Maryland state government,” the judge wrote in his directive, according to The Sun. “Employees of the District Court wearing any clothing item or apparel which promotes or displays a logo, sticker, pin, patch, slogan, or sign which may be perceived as showing bias or favoritism to a particular group of people could undermine the District Court’s mission of fair, efficient, and effective justice for all and call into question the Judiciary’s obligation to remain impartial and unbiased.”

The judge’s apparent stance is totally agreeable. Courts should absolutely remain as impartial as possible during trials, and if clothing representing certain organizations could undermine that impartiality, banning that apparel is understandable.

And yet, Morrissey had nothing to say specifically regarding Black Lives Matter apparel.

By specifically setting out to ban apparel with Thin Blue Line imaging, and refusing to acknowledge BLM apparel as its counterpart, he signified which narrative he would like to promote.

Now, for the sake of total transparency, the entirety of the judge’s reasoning in implementing the apparel ban is unknown. It’s certainly possible that Morrissey simply saw Blue Lives Matter apparel as the most prevalent contributor to courtroom bias, in which case this is an apt response. It also is entirely possible that the judge knew employees of the state’s district courts were not prone to wearing Black Lives Matter gear.

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However, if wearing Thin Blue Line apparel can somehow indicate “favoritism to a particular group of people,” and can therefore impair the court’s vision, how then could BLM not do the exact same?

The answer is actually quite simple — police are evil and BLM is pure, at least according to the mainstream media narrative.

With the start of National Police Week this Saturday, Morrissey’s ban is upsetting.

Court workers, some of whom most likely have family members working in law enforcement, are unable to show their support for their families while at work. The officers that work tirelessly to protect Americans every day cannot be appreciated because these officials are helping propagate the “all cops are bad” sentiment — even if they are doing so unknowingly.

This evil narrative has even begun to infiltrate the American judicial system, and the most many Americans can do is simply sit back and watch.

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