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Pro Surfer Captured on Video Saving Life of Swimmer Caught in Ocean Current


There are few people who know how to gauge water conditions like an experienced surfer, and because of that, surfers know exactly how dangerous the water can be and what charging into turbulent water can result in.

That didn’t stop professional surfer Mikey Wright, 24, from leaping into the dangerous water when he saw a hapless swimmer being sucked into the sea.

The surfer, who hails from Australia, was in Hawaii over the weekend to compete in the Pipeline Masters when he saw a terrifying scene unfold before him.

Originally, it was Mikey who was filming the scene, but at some point he decided the situation was dire enough that it required his immediate personal attention.

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In the video, which was shared on Instagram, people around him were heard commenting on the situation.

“Oh no! He’s getting dragged out,” one person said.

“Hey he’s gonna get … he’s gonna get saved,” said another, presumably Mikey.

The same voice then said “hey hold this,” to which the other replied, “you can’t save him!”

But Mikey could save the floundering beachgoer. He handed the phone off and ran out onto the beach.

He read the current and placed himself to catch the swimmer as the individual swept by him. Even in “shallow” water, the waves crashed on them and threatened to drag them out again.

Mikey managed to reach the swimmer, grab them and start hauling them back to shore, even as the pair were buffeted by waves. Once they hit the sand, other bystanders grabbed them and helped anchor them.

Mikey’s sister, Tyler, posted the clips, and Mikey followed suit, captioning them simply, “Hold my beer.”

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Fellow surfers and fans have applauded the surfer’s save, recognizing the bravery and determination it took to make such a quick decision that ended up saving a life.

Hawaiian pro surfer Ezekiel Lau commented “You’re a living legend!” according to People.

“Who needs a cape when you have a mullet?” quipped Australian surfer Jessi Miley-Dyer.

No doubt the most thankful individual is the one he rescued, who will probably think twice about swimming in rough waters in the future.

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