Psychologist: Trump May Be the Sanest Person in White House Ever


From bumbling idiot to stable genius, opinions vary wildly regarding President Donald Trump. But now a psychologist who knows him has weighed in with her opinion — and it is likely to send the left into a total meltdown.

Show host Dr. Gina Loudon, PhD has written a new book titled, “Mad Politics,” in which she posits, “what if Trump isn’t the crazy man that the media pretends he is? What if he’s actually the cure for a country who’s been going mad for years?”

During an appearance on “Hannity,” she elaborated further:

Loudon is public about her personal support for Trump. According to the bio on her website, “She serves on the Donald J. Trump for President Media Advisory Board … Dr. Gina was an official Trump campaign surrogate and a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention.”

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In one tweet, Loudon hinted at some of the science behind her conclusion regarding Trump’s sanity. She asked, “Ever wonder what ’s family of origin and birth order have to do with his leadership style, success, and personality?

On the Tom Shillue Show, Loudon talked about her background with science and research, along with her interactions with Trump and his family both inside and outside the White House.

She explained that all of that adds to a more realistic look of Trump than rumor and innuendo do.

Do you think President Trump is sane?

Taking on the recent hullabaloo about investigative journalist Bob Woodard’s book, “Fear: Trump in the White House,” Loudon goes for the kill in explaining why her book is better. Based on what has been coming out about his book, there may be an argument to be made.

Loudon tweeted, “My new book, #MadPolitics DESTROYS #Woodward’s drivel about @realDonaldTrump. My book is based on solid scientific research, fact, & knowing President Trump & his family. His book is based on gossip, inuendo, & partisan fantasy. #PickYOURPoison”

Secretary of Defense General James Matttis is among those calling the veracity of Woodward’s book into question. His official statement of denial has been shared on Twitter:

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Others who have also made public denials about Woodward’s book include ex-Trump lawyer John Dowd and Chief of Staff General John Kelly. According to Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume, Woodward used anonymous sources in his book:

According to Bloomberg, in Woodward’s book, Kelly is attributed with calling Trump an “idiot.” Dowd allegedly called Trump a “liar” and Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, is alleged to have “heard Trump propose assassinating Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.” Haley also denies the book’s claims.

In the meantime, there have seemingly been no claims of false attributions in Loudon’s book. There has only been outrage over her statement that Trump may be sane, much less the “sanest person in the White House.” Neither fits the narrative being pushed by Trump’s detractors, who are quick to claim incompetence and insanity as justifications for impeachment.

In the end, it is the book buyers — and ultimately the American voters — who will decide what to believe about the president. For now, his endorsement continues to carry great weight with voters and his popularity continues to hold strong.

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