Puppy Digs Up Fully Loaded Gun Wrapped in a T-Shirt from Yard


Dogs are often said to have a sixth sense. They have the same senses we do, but theirs are far more honed in many cases.

A dog’s sense of smell, for example, is far more powerful than a human’s. And they are somehow able to recognize the subtle changes in us, which can make them great for detecting seizures and different kinds of attacks before they happen.

A puppy from North Carolina has basically earned a junior detective award for her part in discovering what could have been a murder weapon.

The young pit bull puppy named Ryder was playing near an apartment complex when she began digging — and she found a buried treasure, according to WBTV.

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A .38 revolver. It had been hidden inside a t-shirt and buried, but the pup sniffed it out. It was probably a rather surprising discovery for her owners!

Has your dog every dug up something interesting?

Police arrived to confiscate the pistol, and they were quite impressed with Ryder’s skills. It’s not every day that you find a gun-sniffing puppy!

The two officers who went to retrieve the weapon took a photo with the adorable little pit bull, and the Greenville Police Department posted it on their Facebook page.

“RYDER: THE GUN SNIFFING PIT BULL PUPPY,” the post read. “It’s not every day a puppy sniffs out a fully loaded gun, but that’s exactly what happened Tuesday!”

“Officer Edwards and Officer Allen were dispatched to Rosemont Apartments where a pit bull puppy, named Ryder, had dug up a fully loaded 38 special revolver wrapped in a t-shirt.

“Officers safely unloaded the weapon and it’s now stored in property and evidence. There’s a good chance little Ryder may have prevented a tragedy…she certainly prevented the gun from winding up in the wrong hands!

“These two thankful GPD officers couldn’t help but stop for a picture with their newfound friend. There may be some freelance work in the near future for Ryder…we’ll have our people call yours, bud.”

It wouldn’t be too surprising to see Ryder participating in a ride-along at some point in the future, as pit bulls are starting to be used as police dogs. They’re highly available from shelters, they’re responsive and trainable, and they’ve been taken in by several police departments.

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One adopted pit bull, Kiah, works with New York police and has captured hearts as a spokesdog who is also trained to detect narcotics and missing people, according to CBS. She was rescued from a shelter after being dropped off with a head wound from someone hitting her with a hammer, but the pup recovered and showed she is a smart cookie and looking for work.

Both she and Ryder are great examples of how wonderful pit bulls can be when they are in the right hands.

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