Puppy Found Frozen to Ground. Rescuers Work Frantically to Chisel Him Free


Dogs generally love the outdoors. With the exception of a few rotund pugs or high-strung Chihuahuas, most dogs enjoy spending their days outside when the weather is nice, and would much prefer adventures in nature to snoozing on the couch.

That’s why dogs are some of the best exercise partners you could ever ask for. They keep you active and social — most people love to meet new dogs.

But those rules only apply when the temperatures and conditions are comfortable. Once it gets too hot or too cold, it is dangerous to leave your pet outside unattended or even be out with them for extended periods of time.

A lot of dogs love the snow, snapping at falling snowflakes and pile-driving into snow banks, but there’s a fine line between a day playing in the snow and your dog turning into a pupsicle.

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Two men recently (and almost literally) ran into a pup in such a predicament. They were driving a snow plow somewhere in Russia when they spotted a fuzzy, black creature in front of them.

It was in their path, but it didn’t move. It remained glued to one spot.

Instead of carrying on and pushing past the poor shivering bundle, the men hopped out to see what was up.

When they reached the critter, they realized that it was a little black-and-white puppy, frozen solid to the ground beneath it.

All it could do was stare at them from the corner of its eye as they got closer. They surveyed the situation, and then gingerly began chipping away at the ice and snow with an ax.

Gloved hands smoothed away the chunks of snow, and they began to free the puppy, a paw at a time. Huge chunks of ice stuck to its limbs, weighing them down.

Who knows how long the poor thing had been stuck out there. He had a nice fluffy coat, but that only helps for the short term.

No matter how fluffy a dog is, they should never have to stay outside in freezing conditions without shelter. Especially a puppy.

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Fortunately these two kind souls managed to free the puppy and the video closes as they march it back to the warmth of the snow plow.

The video was originally posted on a Russian animal advocacy page on Facebook, and has since gotten over 4 million views.

They never mentioned if the owners were ever found or charged with anything, but we hope that this was the result of some horrible accident and not malicious intent. People who hurt animals, especially puppies, are among the lowest sort of humanity.

Hopefully the pup was able to find a nice home with a new family who would ensure it would never experience this misery again. It’s certainly cute enough to catch a caring eye. All the best, little one!

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