Puppy Left for Dead in Garbage Spotted by Truck Driver After Going Through Compactor

Animal rescue workers in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are saddened and disgusted over a case of animal cruelty that nearly cost a six-week-old puppy his life.

Compassionate Animal Rescue Efforts (CARE), based in Tulsa, credited a garbage truck driver for rescuing the innocent puppy from a trash compactor.

“We were contacted today about a puppy that was found crawling out of a pile of garbage that was just dumped from a dump truck!” CARE wrote on Facebook.

“This means that someone deliberately threw him into a dumpster and he was unknowingly dumped into the truck, buried under rotting garbage and compacted under the garbage several times before arriving at the dump site and being discovered by the truck driver that ultimately saved his life.

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When rescuers first came to pick up the puppy who came to be known as Oscar, they said that he seemed to be doing relatively well despite all he had been through. He was very hot and thirsty but had no obvious physical injuries.

On the way to the veterinarian, Oscar’s body began reacting to the trauma.

“He suddenly started seizing and throwing up maggots before we got him to the vet, so we rushed him to Woodland West and he has now been hospitalized,” CARE wrote.

CARE representative Susan Tilkan told KTUL that sadly, waste management employees find animals in the trash on a fairly regular basis. Most of them do not survive, but somehow, Oscar managed to pull through.

“They honestly cannot believe he made it through all the compactors, if you think about how many times those things run. They said they see this often, and see a dead animal in a box,” Tilkan told KUTL.

Tilkan is disgusted that a human would deliberately place a puppy in the trash with no hope of escape.

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“There’s really no words because honestly there’s so many other choices, they don’t need to do this,” she said. “There’s a thousand other things you could’ve done. This is so cruel because you’re giving them no chance.”

Dr. Samantha Ketcher with Woodland West Animal Hospital told KUTL that Oscar is now doing well after some much-needed veterinary intervention.

“He really is defenseless. He can’t do anything without our help. Someone putting him in that position is really sad,” Ketcher said. “He’s eating. He’s no longer having seizures, he seems to be a happy healthy puppy.”

When little Oscar is healthy enough, he will be ready for adoption. Until then, he in good hands.

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