Where Do You Fall on the Liberal "Pyramid of White Supremacy?"


Any student seeking to major in elementary education at Maryland’s Salisbury University must reportedly first complete a mandatory course on so-called “Diversity and the Self” that teaches, among other things, that not challenging allegedly racist jokes is the first step toward committing genocide.

This absolutely absurd lesson is a part of a so-called “Pyramid of White Supremacy” being used by the class’s teachers to indoctrinate their white students in leftist-themed identity politics, according to a student who submitted a copy of the pyramid to the campus watchdog group Campus Reform.

“We had to study the pyramid and also take a group quiz,” the student, who reportedly chose to remain anonymous, told Campus Reform.

“This class was extremely difficult to get through if you did not think like a liberal,” the student added. “Instead of teaching diversity, this class taught us that being white was a bad thing. We were told that we were only privileged because we are white and basically we did not actually work for what we have.”
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According to a caption that accompanies the pyramid, “In a pyramid, every brick depends upon the one below it for support. If the bricks at the bottom are removed, the whole structure comes tumbling down.”

In other words, white people can stop minorities from being mass-murdered by mobs of racists — interestingly, the primary group actually being targeted for genocide at the moment happen to be Christians — by not partaking in the behaviors listed in the pyramid’s lower tiers.

For instance, in the second tier the pyramid warns white students against believing there are “two sides to every story,” against not blindly accepting the “experiences of POC” (people of color) and against claiming to be colorblind.

So if a Muslim woman claims to have been attacked by a man who allegedly threatened to set her on fire unless she removed her hijab, white people should automatically believe her, even if her claim happens to be a total hoax.

Not shockingly, the stupidity of this absurd pyramid only grows worse the higher you climb. On the third tier, for example, the pyramid lists so-called “cultural appropriation” as another potential catalyst for genocide.

Yes, that’s right, if white people wear a Halloween costume that “appropriates” another culture, they’re helping promote genocide.


According to Campus Reform, the “professor” teaching this course is Erin Stutelberg, a radical leftist whose “areas of research include race, gender, embodiment, and identity in teacher education, critical literacies in secondary English classrooms, and feminist/collective research methodologies.”

She sounds like your everyday brainwashed leftist lunatic who wants to transform America into a utopia where nobody’s feelings are ever hurt and everybody is happy 100 percent of the time — except of course for white people, because they’re oppressors or some garbage like that.

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It’s bad enough that people this ignorant still exist; what’s worse is that they now hold positions of power that allow them to influence and potentially brainwash our children with this trite nonsense.

Here are the facts: Unless we nip this insanity in the bud, it will continue to fester and grow like a cancerous tumor. Winning elections and implementing sensible policies is great (hat tip to President Donald Trump), but it’s not enough, folks.

We have to reform the education system as well, even if that means firing every lunatic “professor” like Erin Stutelberg and starting over from scratch.

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