Rand Paul Goes Off on Dr. Fauci, Ridicules Idea of Double-Masking


Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky this week shredded Dr. Anthony Fauci with regard to masks, vaccinations and government hypocrisy in relation to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The pair seem to have a budding feud after Paul called out Fauci last week for his mask sensationalism. Paul, whose immune system vanquished the virus nearly a year ago, has made Fauci his target as the pandemic lingers on.

After mocking Fauci for wearing two masks in a Senate hearing, he utterly crushed the health adviser to President Joe Biden on Tuesday.

Speaking to Fox News host Neil Cavuto, Paul — who is himself a doctor — ripped the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases by labeling him as a “bureaucrat” who is enjoying the spotlight amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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“I think the burden should be on government. If the government’s going to tell you you can’t go anywhere unless you’re wearing a mask, they should tell you why. And they should present the evidence,” he said.

Noting that millions of people have been vaccinated, in addition to those who now have immunity to COVID after they’ve beaten the virus, Paul wasted no time going after Fauci.

“See, that’s not science. That’s sort of emotionalism and fear-mongering. And so Dr. Fauci needs to put up or shut up. He needs to show us the scientific evidence that it’s a problem after you have been vaccinated or after you have already gotten the disease naturally,” he said.

“So far, there’s no evidence that there’s widespread disease happening from people who have already had the disease or have already been vaccinated.”

Do you trust Dr. Anthony Fauci?

Paul hit Fauci last week for wearing two masks, likening his act to engaging in “theatre.” Tuesday, the senator wasn’t ready to relent with regard to Fauci’s apparent “masks forever” mantra.

“We do what we’re forced to do to live in Dr. Fauci’s world,” Paul said with regard to Fauci’s influence in the ear of coronavirus politics.

Fauci has endorsed the idea of wearing masks, even for those who are seemingly immune to the virus. The doctor has been seen earring two masks, despite the fact that he himself has been immunized.

Paul noted that “someone has to contend with him and show him that his edicts are not based on science,” and he’s apparently more than happy to be that “someone.”

“For example, how many people watching this program have walked into a restaurant, put their mask on for ten feet and seen 400 people look up at you who are all not wearing their mask, all in an enclosure, breathing?” Paul asked.

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“Do you think those ten steps of wearing your mask meant anything?” he continued.

“That’s non-science. That basically is someone expressing some sort of form of civility, but has nothing to do with science. You’re on the airplane, you wear a mask, you’re sitting this far from people. And then they say when you get off, we’re going to get off six feet apart now,” he added with regard to nonsensical mandatory air travel mandates.

“I have been sitting next to some guy three inches from me the whole time. But now we’re going to use science,” Paul said. “And he has to go six feet in front of me to get off the plane. None of this is based in science.”

“It’s all emotionalism. And we’re going to be here forever if we keep listening to these people,” Paul said. “The simple fact is if you’ve been vaccinated, and you’re two weeks out from your second one, throw your mask away and do what you want, because Dr. Fauci is overkill on all of this.”

But Paul eviscerated Fauci for his never-ending opinions on the coronavirus and common mitigation efforts which are at odds with the Bill of Rights.

“So far all he’s telling me is his opinion. Really their opinion is — look, they had another one of these vaccine doctors on television, he was like, ‘Oh, it’s about civility.’ Well, civility is not science,” Paul said. “For goodness sakes, show us some evidence to back up these mandates.”

Fauci has now enjoyed a year in the national spotlight while advising on policy and enjoying media popularity. But where former President Donald Trump apparently had to play nice and indulge the camera-happy doctor in an election year, Paul is unrestrained in calling out the absurdity with his ever-changing goalposts.

Fauci, who can’t let go of the pandemic, has seemingly met his match in Paul.

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