Ratings Landslide: Conservatives Carry Fox to Yet Another Blowout Victory Over Bumbling Rival CNN


It’s a good time to be a conservative cable news network, despite what the liberal media overlords want you to believe.

Tuesday was a particularly strong day for Fox News, as the network took 14 of the top 15 top cable slots, with “The Five,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Hannity” being the top three, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Fox News is offering its audience an alternative to most of the establishment media’s talk and opinion programs, which are acting as if former President Donald Trump is still in office.

They are likely attracting conservatives and even moderates who are looking for criticism of the Biden administration as opposed to praise from lapdog Beltway journalists.

People tuned into liberal media religiously from the moment Trump announced his candidacy in June 2015, and the circus raged on throughout his tenure in the White House in order to provide negative coverage around the clock.

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Outside of primetime talk shows, CNN’s “New Day” morning show is suffering a serious ratings decline.

In the Nielsen rating without repeats, “New Day” ranked below the top 70 shows on cable news on Tuesday, and it has experienced a 40 percent decline in ratings since Brianna Keilar began co-anchoring the program in April.

On Wednesday, the show had its lowest viewership in six years, mustering only an average of 304,000 viewers, Nielsen data suggests.

By contrast, “Fox and Friends” has pulled in over 1.3 million viewers on Wednesday, a clear display of a much larger fanbase.

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It should be no surprise that in a nation where the majority of the establishment media leans left, the right-leaning cable networks, which are fewer in number, would perform better.

Newsmax also made waves with its rankings as well, as its shows are also consistently making it in the top 70 on cable as the network caters to a populist right audience.

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Establishment outlets used to include more political perspectives in their programming, but they have grown increasingly partisan.

Many Americans do not want to hear sugarcoated talking points about the Biden White House, especially given the current economic issues consumers are facing.

Conservative outlets will presumably continue to thrive throughout the Biden years, whereas others may be left scrambling for new ways to draw people in.

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