There's a Reason Voters Didn't Hear About Dems' Radical Plan for US Until After the Election


Good! Bumbling Biden’s Build Back Better budget bill has imploded.

After renegotiation by the Democrats behind closed doors, all that remains is their “Weaker Woker Worsen” program.

It’s still a wasteful trillion-dollar socialist welfare wish list authorizing massive new spending of money we don’t have and levying taxes that will stall the economy amid the new hyperinflation eating away personal savings and threatening household independence.

The Democrats’ reckless budget must be defunded and defeated.

America must get back to work and concentrate on making money rather than just spending it. America’s exceptionalism will reappear when Americans’ work ethic, damaged by Biden’s $1.9 trillion handouts last March, is restored.

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Jobs must be filled, shipping and supply line stuff-ups must be unclogged, law and order restored, borders safeguarded once again.

Weaker Woker Worsen Plan Must Not Succeed

In only nine months, the Biden administration has demoralized a great nation. Its most spectacular failure — the dishonorable exit from Afghanistan — has made America weaker and our enemies stronger. Weakness is dangerous: It invites disaster.

Instead of designing “social infrastructure,” the real urgency is to reform defense leadership and restore respect and morale for American forces at home and abroad.

Will the Democrats' radical agenda be defeated?

Our enemies must be made wary of harming any Americans anywhere ever again.

Regrettably, neither President Biden nor Vice President Harris understands this. In their just-released National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, they boast:

“On the day that we were sworn in together, the Vice President toppled a barrier to women’s participation that had stood for more than 200 years. Our Cabinet and senior staff are the most diverse and genderbalanced in history.”

Just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned, an old madness has taken hold — a U.S. president smiles vacuously and proffers feeble jokes in answer to serious questions; his vice president cackles inanely over grave border violations in the south.

The sovereignty of the United States of America is crumbling while the Biden administration is focused on novelties and distractions, e.g. the Department of Justice initiative to investigate “domestic terrorist” parents who resist woke ideology threatening their children.

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Right now Biden is preening himself for the leader’s mantle at a gigantic “the end is nigh” alarmism conference in Glasgow. He hopes to launch a lavish spendathon nationally and internationally on Green New Deal fantasies. Supposedly a huge number of U.S. jobs and industries must be sacrificed to avert the apocalypse of climate change, which Biden says is an “existential threat.”

Meanwhile, he studiously ignores real and present dangers — the rise of China with its nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles; and here at home the worsening economic outlook — runaway inflation, growing fuel dependency on unfriendly nations, skyrocketing food prices, empty shelves, rising energy prices.

Dems Want a United States Socialist Republic – A New USSR?

The Dems’ radical revolutionary policies were never honestly explained before the election.

In a constitutional republic, responsible voting takes place only after careful consideration of specified policies presented upfront before Election Day and spelled out and explained honestly by candidates.

Emotional voting — hyped up by social media — turned the 2020 election into a noisily contested popularity poll. The election did not allow voters the opportunity to make a fully informed decision primarily because the alarming extent of the policies being revealed only now in the Build Back Better bill were withheld from the people.

The extreme changes proposed in this bill were never fully publicized, nor were they seriously evaluated before the election. They were never the electoral choice of informed voters. The details, even now, are being decided behind closed doors.

The 2020 election was orchestrated into an election of opposing personalities that distracted voters from examining opposing policies. Personalities, not policies, dominated social media. This diversion from the real issues at stake was set up and executed deftly by an amalgamation of the leftist-dominated media, academia and the entertainment industry.

Big Tech moguls, backing Biden, manipulated the messaging and vetted the messengers allowed to post. There was a steady drumbeat of woke groups threatening riots, arson and looting should the Dems not win.

The election was won by a wafer-thin majority of rattled Democratic and independent voters who mostly voted against Trump personally and not for the Dems’ policies, which remained interred with Biden in his bunker throughout the lead-up to the election.

Dems Presented a Pig-in-a-Poke Election

The Dems’ plan for a radical transformation of the whole nation and their ambitions to halt the natural tides of climate change that have benefited our world for eons would have been too large for voters to take in before the election.

We would not find out what we voted for until after the Dems won. Only then did they draw up their massive 2,465-page bill to transform our constitutional republic into a socialist republic ruled by big government. As Speaker Pelosi said once of another bill, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of the controversy.”

But genuine democratic elections are about controversy — about opposing sets of policies. That’s how a true democracy works. Informed, responsible voting is every American’s duty.

Regrettably, the Dems’ radical-left tax-and-spend agenda was not raised in any clear way until after the election. Nor were voters given any real understanding of the Dems’ planned redistribution of not just wealth but of people — some 1.7 million illegal aliens exploiting an open-borders policy.

It was a pig-in-a-poke election. It was a largely superficial choice of president between two flawed men — not a truly democratic choice between substantially different policy initiatives.

Elections must never again be reduced to mere rallying cries and political propaganda that hustle Americans to vote against the incumbent president portrayed as an enemy of the people. The real achievements of the Trump presidency were disparaged.

Slightly more than half of the American voters swallowed the lie that a Biden win would return the nation to a pre-Trump era “stability.”

Indeed, the radical left wing of the Democratic Party secured a coup — an “Animal Farm” revolution:

“Four legs good, two legs bad.”

Biden-Harris good, Trump bad.

How Democracies Die

In genuine democracies, those elected to power must be held to their pre-election programs. The American people, perhaps distracted by COVID, should not have been tempted back to the follies exercised of old in the making of kings.

Once crowned, kings were awarded divine rights to implement any and every law they could imagine or desire. Kings weren’t obliged to give their people any prior knowledge of or require any “people’s consent” to their autocratic plans and policies — no matter how radical.

The divine right of kings was the kind of government that the American revolutionaries so bravely fought against and won.

Elections in the democratic republic set up in the U.S. Constitution do not award any party a blank check to introduce trillion-dollar bills to transform the republic into a socialist, big-government, one-party dictatorship.

In a genuine democratic republic, the contestants must bring a plan — an accurate layout of what they will establish, what they will maintain and what they will change, and an honest estimate of how much it will all cost and how it will be funded.

Good old American know-how must prevail once more. Americans’ famous bulldust meters must begin to work again. And the real goodness deep down in the hearts of all decent Americans of all colors, sizes, faiths and family histories must rise up and shine so that God will bless America, to become once again one of the finest countries on earth, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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