Raw Footage Leaks From Paris: Video Shows Rat Infestation France Is Trying To Keep Quiet


If you’ve planned a romantic getaway in Paris for the near future make sure you pack some rat traps.

A group of Paris trash collectors encountered a massive infestation of vermin in the bottom of a city dumpster and recently released footage of the grotesque sight.

One of the waste collectors known as David stated that “For the past year, we’ve seen a proliferation of rats in all the arrondissements on the banks of the Seine.”

“One colleague told me that a rat jumped at his throat and another at his arm,” he told the “Le Parisien,” a French newspaper. “To my knowledge, there have been no bites for now but we don’t want to wait until drama strikes.”

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As noted by the U.K. Telegraph, the citywide infestation received public attention in 2016 after many Parisians revealed that they couldn’t frequent many public areas due to the rat takeover.

The city reportedly closed off parks and gardens and commissioned a host of “environmentally friendly” poisons and traps in an attempt to combat the problem.

The efforts cost the city 1.5 million euros, however, the measures appear to have made a minimal impact.

Mao Peninou, the deputy mayor tasked with keeping Paris clean, stated that “All units concerned are tackling the problem head-on.”

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The Telegraph reported that EU regulations have been blamed for the widespread vermin outbreak.

These regulations include newly implemented rules that ban the use of anticoagulant pellets designed to kill the rats. This has forced pest control workers to use small plastic boxes that house the poison.

Pest control workers have stated that these boxes are less effective, thus less likely to stop the spread of rats in the city.

The Local French reported in December that the infestation even spread to the Interior Ministry in Place Beauvau located next to President Emmanuel Macron’s Elysee Palace.

Christophe Castaner and Jacqueline Gourault, secretaries to French Prime Minister Eduoard Philippe, were among those affected at the Interior Ministry.

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In an effort to combat the problem, Castaner brought in a pair of felines to help combat the unwanted guests.

It appears many more felines will be needed if the city of Paris hopes to rid the streets of the unwanted freeloaders.

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