Raw Footage Shows Horrific Moment 13-Year-Old in Stolen Car Plows Into Defenseless Cyclist


One of the most terrifying times in a parent’s life is when their kid starts learning how to drive. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to somehow whip your teenager into road-safe shape, and that’s easier said than done.

Sure there are classes your teen can take that will introduce them to the theory behind driving, but when it comes to the rubber meeting the road, that’s generally mom or dad’s duty.

Fortunately there are enough empty parking lots that make good testing grounds. Some kids are a little conservative in their driving habits and need encouragement to drive defensively, and others are leadfoots who need a little talking-down.

Then there’s a completely different category, made up of those bold individuals who strike out without help from anyone. Convinced they can make it on their own, they hit the streets — and in the case of one young woman from Brazil, they hit people, too.

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The condemning video was caught by surveillance cameras in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The clip opens to a black car taking a wide turn down a street.

As it turns, it runs into a cyclist, but plunges forward anyway. The rider and his bike are glued to the front of the car as it veers on, swerving and hitting a tree on the side of the street.

Fortunately, the street was empty. Unfortunately, the rider disappears under the car as it plows into a garage.

Smoke starts billowing up out of the car windows almost immediately. The damaged tree has collapsed on top of the car, and the situation looks grim.

As the filming continues, the car door opens and a girl steps out, walks toward the back of the car and suddenly collapses. She falls flat on her back in the middle of the street.

But something more amazing happens: The biker crawls up from the front of the car, even as people run over to help.

According to the Daily Mail, the young woman was only 13 years old and had decided to steal her parents’ car for a joyride. That joy quickly turned to terror and could have easily taken the life of the man she ran into.

She has since been charged with driving without a license, dangerous driving and culpable bodily injury. Both the underage driver and the man who was hit were treated for injuries, though none of them were serious.

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This could have ended up in two deaths, but thankfully both were able to walk away from the incident — and hopefully the girl will wait until she’s had proper instruction to try driving again.

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