Raw Video of Farrakhan and Maxine Waters Leaks, Leaves Her in Difficult Position


Video footage has surfaced of congressional Democrats embracing Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, including California Rep. Maxine Waters.

In 2006, “the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Housing and Community Opportunity held hearings in New Orleans and Gulfport, Miss., on the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina,” wrote Jeryl Bier for The Wall Street Journal. “After the New Orleans hearing, at least four CBC members headed to St. Augustine Church to meet Mr. Farrakhan, who had attended part of the hearing.”

Farrakhan is well known for his anti-Semitic and racist remarks.

“The powerful Jews are my enemy,” declared Farrakhan, who once openly praised Adolf Hitler. “Jews were responsible for all of this filth and degenerate behavior,” the black supremacist figure stated in a “Saviors’ Day” address in February, according to the Washington Examiner.

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“White folks are going down. And Satan is going down,” he continued.

“And Farrakhan, by God’s grace, has pulled a cover off of that Satanic Jew, and I’m here to say your time is up, your world is through.”

See Waters warmly embracing Farrakhan in the video below:

[jwplayer Aj8gyi1w]

Along with Waters, Congressional Black Caucus members including Reps. Barbara Lee of California, Al Green of Texas and William Jefferson of Louisiana met with Farrakhan at a New Orleans church.

“Tell me how I can be of service,” Farrakhan told the representatives.

Waters responded, “I think we need to get together and talk about how we’re going to put New Orleans on the national agenda.”

See the full footage below:

This was not the first meeting between Farrakhan and members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

In 2005, then-Illinois Senator Barack Obama posed for a photo with Farrakhan during a CBC gathering. The photo was kept hidden for over a decade.

“Photojournalist Askia Muhammad released a photo this week showing former President Barack Obama and the controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan from Obama’s years as a state senator — and the photographer revealed Thursday that the Congressional Black Caucus had pressured him for more than a decade to keep it hidden,” Fox News reported in January.

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According to The Daily Caller, “Twenty-one members of the caucus today were part of the caucus at the time of the secret Farrakhan meeting. All 21 declined to denounce Farrakhan when asked by The Daily Caller.”

Do you think Maxine Waters needs to be held accountable for her ties to Louis Farrakhan?
While twenty members declined to comment on Farrakhan, one CBC member, Illinois Rep. Danny Davis, praised him.

Davis reportedly told TheDC that Farrakhan is “an outstanding human being” and said “it wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary” for him to meet with Farrakhan.

“I personally know (Farrakhan), I’ve been to his home, done meetings, participated in events with him,” he continued. “I don’t regard Louis Farrakhan as an aberration or anything, I regard him as an outstanding human being who commands a following of individuals who are learned and articulate and he plays a big role in the lives of thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of people.”

Although Waters has not commented on her ties to Farrakhan or his racist remarks, she has called President Donald Trump a racist, and has repeatedly called for his impeachment. “He is a dangerous, unprincipled, divisive, and shameful racist,” Waters said during an appearance on BET in January.

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